Are There Health Benefits of Heavy Whipping Cream?

Most people don’t really know enough about the food they eat. Some people eat berries for breakfast, thinking it’s healthier to eat berries than eggs, although they’re not quite sure about why that is.

Also, most people generally think candy and sweets are bad for you. However, that’s not entirely true. When taken in moderation, none of the common foods or sweets are bad for you – if you’re healthy, that is.

Now, while we’re on the subject of sweets and candy, if you had to take a guess, would you say that heavy whipping cream is good for you? Also, would you say there are any health benefits to it? Well, let’s not guess – let’s find out together.

How Nutritious Is Heavy Whipping Cream?


To fully understand what makes whipping cream good or not good, beneficial or not beneficial, we first have to look at its nutritional value.

At 100 grams, heavy whipping cream contains approximately:

• 370 calories
• 3 grams of protein
• 39 grams of fat
• 3 grams of carbs

Those were the macros. Now, let’s look at some vitamins and minerals.

• Vitamin A (33% RDI)
• Vitamin D (10% RDI)
• Vitamin E (6% RDI)
• Vitamin K (3% RDI)
• Calcium (7% RDI)
• Phosphorous (6% RDI)

As you can see, most of the calories from heavy whipping cream will come in the form of fat – which is neither good nor bad. The fat from heavy whipping cream is saturated fat, and despite many linking it to cardiovascular disease, a strong, definitive link was never proven.

Also, there’s nothing you can do about this fat. After all, heavy whipping cream is at least 36% milk fat content, which is not ideal, but then again, for something as sweet as whipping cream – that’s more than great from a health standpoint.

Are There Any Benefits To It?


As you can see, there are many vitamins and minerals found in heavy whipping cream, and as far as Mr. Nang and we are concerned, that leaves us with enough ground for at least some health benefits.

As is the case with many other full-fat dairy products, heavy whipping cream is filled with fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E, and K. As you can see from our nutritional breakdown, vitamin A is the one that’s most present, while the other ones are a bit behind. However, the thing about these fat-soluble vitamins is that they’re quickly and easily absorbable when they’re consumed with fat, which in this case, is true.

Additionally, heavy whipping cream, according to various studies, is much healthier than the highly refined “low-fat” products that are advertised as healthy and good for you. Natural fat is much better than the refined artificial junk found in faux-healthy low-fat products.


While there are some benefits to heavy whipped cream, no one in their right mind can say that it’s good or beneficial to you. It’s not bad, per se, but if you wanted to get your vitamins by eating heavy whipped cream, you’d probably double in size in a matter of months.

However, as far as sweet stuff goes – heavy whipped cream is as good as it gets.

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