Why Is Youtube Not Working? 5 Ways to Fix It

What’s the problem? You have a YouTube account, and can watch videos just fine, but the videos just won’t load. No sound, or the sound doesn’t work, or the video won’t play at all. You try to refresh the page and nothing happens. You try to view the video in a different browser, but that doesn’t work either. What’s wrong?

Youtube is a great place to find videos of just about anything. It is a perfect way to learn about a variety of topics from cooking to coding. Youtube is a highly engaging video website that appeals to viewers of all ages. It’s a social media giant that makes it easy to share videos with friends and family. But unfortunately, like many other websites, Youtube also has its downfalls. One of these downfalls, is that sometimes Youtube won’t load properly on all devices.

If you’re trying to watch Youtube, but it’s not working, chances are you’re hitting one of the following problems. This guide will help you get back to watching videos right away.

YouTube is one of the most popular video-watching sites on the internet, with billions of users worldwide. People will spend hours viewing videos for a variety of reasons, including entertainment, learning, food, exercise, beauty, and technology.

Is your YouTube account no longer active? Don’t be concerned! We’re here to assist you and allow you to watch your favorite videos once again. Youtube’s server is cutting-edge, and there is no risk of corruption. The primary issue is then with your desktop or mobile device.

Youtube may sometimes stop functioning and buffer indefinitely due to problems and difficulties, or the app will not launch. We’ll show you how to get your Youtube working again in the steps below:

First, check whether Youtube is down.

It is very unusual for Youtube to crash entirely, but it does happen sometimes due to a technological flaw. As a result, you must determine whether or not Youtube’s server is unavailable. To determine if YouTube is down or not, you must follow two simple procedures. Two websites that may assist you in simple steps are:

1. Report an outage

Down Detector No. 2

These services use highly designed algorithms to parse data from the internet and show you what the issue is and where it comes from. It is also indicated in the report of these sites whether Youtube will be a source of anger for a longer period of time.

Checking the headlines on Google News is another fast and simple method to see whether Youtube is down or not. Simply look up the phrase “YouTube down.” If there is a problem, the best option will be shown at the top of the page. 

If you’re OK with other users but your YouTube isn’t functioning or giving you problems, try the following troubleshooting steps:

How To Get The YouTube App To Work On Android & iOS

If you want to view videos from Youtube on your Android or iOS smart phone, follow these steps:

Youtube should be updated.

When your Youtube app stops functioning, you should first check whether the newest version of Youtube is available on the Play Store or App Store.

For Android users:

Open the Play Store, tap on your profile, go to Manage Applications, choose Update Pending, and see whether YouTube requires an upgrade. If it does, continue with the update. 

youtube app not working

For iOS:

Open your iOS smart phone’s app store and tap on updates; if the Youtube app appears in the list, continue with your upgrade.

synchronize the time and date 

The YouTube application is based on a location’s chronology. You must sync the date and time if the time is not correct. 

For Android users:

Settings > General management > Date and time > Set automatically to on.

how to set date and time on phone

For iOS:

Settings > General management > Date and time > Set automatically. 

Your Operating System Should Be Updated

If you are using an older version of your operating system, there is a good possibility that Youtube may cease functioning, therefore you need upgrade it:

For Android users:

Settings > About Phone > System update > Continue > Restart

why is youtube not working

 For iOS:

Settings > General > Software update. 

Examine your Internet access.

You are all more well-known than you would be if you didn’t have access to the internet. Because Youtube relies on the internet to operate, it will not reply. If you’re using wi-fi, there’s no problem; but, if you’re using Android or iOS, you’ll need to reset your phone or turn off flight mode. 

Try clearing your Youtube cache, forcing a stop, and deleting your data.

Youtube will cease operating if your device’s RAM is low, since it requires background access to data to operate. Assume your memory is already full. You’ll need to erase your data and Youtube’s cache.

For Android users: 

Settings > Apps > Youtube > Storage > clear cache and clear all data. 

youtube is not working

For iOS: 

Hold down the Youtube application and drag it to the top of the home screen’s delete option.

YouTube on Google Chrome: How to Fix It

If you view all of your YouTube videos on your desktop, the same way you do on your mobile device, the desktop has caused YouTube problems. The following are some options for resolving the Youtube issue on a desktop computer:

Clear Your Cookies And Memory Cache

Clearing your Cookies and Cache memory is the most efficient method to make your Youtube runs. 

The following are the inclination steps:

1. Open Chrome and paste the URL into the address bar, then hit enter.


2. Choose all cookies, cache images, site data, files, and cache memory from the drop-down menu.

why is my youtube not working

3. Select Clear Browsing Data from the drop-down menu.

Note: Using this technique will erase or destroy all stored data from your web browser, including passwords, autofills, and other personal information.

 Updating Your Browser

If you’re using an older version of your browser, it’s possible that Youtube won’t work with it. To fix the issue, you’ll need to upgrade your web browser. Popular browsers like Chrome and Firefox will update themselves on a regular basis. 

To update Chrome in a few simple steps, follow these instructions:

Copy the URL and paste it into Chrome.


youtube picture in picture not working

If Google Chrome is out of date and needs to be updated immediately, choose Update Now. 

Your PC’s Video Drivers Should Be Updated

If your video drivers are out of date, you may have problems watching Youtube videos. Then all you have to do is update them in order for them to notice the problem. Follow these procedures to update your video drivers:

Select Device Manager by pressing the Windows + X shortcut keys together.

Then, from the list of drivers, click twice on Display Adaptors.

update video driver on windows

Select Update and then your Graphic card. 

For future references, turn on the automatic update option.


If you use a lot of Chrome extensions, you should be aware that some of them are incompatible with YouTube. As a result, it stops functioning. You must deactivate the additional extensions by following the instructions below:

In the Chrome browser, type the following URL into the search bar.


All addons that alter or edit videos should be disabled since they may create problems.

youtube filters not working

With a single click, you may disable all extensions.

Examine Your Internet Service

The first step is to verify your internet connection before going to YouTube since it is an online website and you are not permitted to view videos without one. To view Youtube videos, make sure you have a steady and fast internet connection.

We will offer you with ideas and methods to run Youtube if it stops functioning in the data above. YouTube has become a necessity in today’s world. All kinds of movies are accessible for free, whether you want to learn or amuse yourself. Youtube will cease functioning if you are a regular watcher. Don’t be angry! Simply follow the simple procedures outlined above to continue viewing Youtube videos.

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Google has changed a lot since it launched its original search engine back in 1998. While some of its products have grown obsolete, many others have become more powerful and efficient. The most visible of Google’s products is the search engine itself. Google is one of the largest Internet companies on the planet and the largest search engine as well.. Read more about how to fix youtube and let us know what you think.

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YouTube is not working because it has been blocked by your network administrator.”}},{“@type”:”Question”,”name”:”What does it mean when YouTube wont work?”,”acceptedAnswer”:{“@type”:”Answer”,”text”:”
YouTube is a video hosting website that allows users to upload and share videos. It may be experiencing technical difficulties or it may be down for maintenance.”}},{“@type”:”Question”,”name”:”Why is YouTube not working on my computer 2023?”,”acceptedAnswer”:{“@type”:”Answer”,”text”:”
YouTube is not working on your computer because you are using an outdated browser. You should update your browser to the latest version of Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.”}}]}

Frequently Asked Questions

Why YouTube is not working and fix?

YouTube is not working because it has been blocked by your network administrator.

What does it mean when YouTube wont work?

YouTube is a video hosting website that allows users to upload and share videos. It may be experiencing technical difficulties or it may be down for maintenance.

Why is YouTube not working on my computer 2023?

YouTube is not working on your computer because you are using an outdated browser. You should update your browser to the latest version of Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.

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