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First-person shooters are typically the greatest way to experience virtual reality’s immersive nature. Virtual reality headsets have a broad field of vision (FOV), which means you can see a big area in front of you when you gaze through them. The issue with this design is that you can’t see anything around you. As a consequence, the experience is much too restricted. Take a look around using one of the most popular VR headsets, the Oculus Rift, and you’ll most certainly be dissatisfied.

The year is 2050. People are living in huge VR arcades, where they can test all sorts of virtual reality sports and recreational activities. These arcades are so popular they have become a part of the daily lives of most people, and they have been an inspiration for the developers of the new VR game “Sacralith”. The game is a bow-shooting virtual reality simulation. The game’s bowgun is powered by VR bows, which fire a projectile that looks like a CGI bullet.

Virtual reality, or VR, is a world of its own. Most of the time you spend in a VR world is spent immersed in a vibrant, rich universe, where you can meet new people, explore new worlds and shoot & hunt for birds, all while pretending you’re somewhere far away.


Odd Meter, a Moscow-based indie developer, isn’t currently well-known in the VR world, but their latest game, Sacralith: The Archer’s Tale, may alter that (2018). It’s a brilliant bow-shooting game with stunning visuals that thoroughly establishes itself as a AAA product.




Sacralith starts with three realistic crusaders singing and playing a happy song about my new reality, a world of dragons, wicked monarchs, wizards, and magical stones—the typical medieval-inspired sword and sorcery fantasy familiar to fans of Skyrim and the Witcher series, but created especially for VR. My new crusader companions, who appear in cutscenes throughout the game, are obviously the result of painstaking attention to detail, as they play and sing in a natural flow thanks to motion capture and, I presume, great character design.


I learn from the song that the Sacralith is a magical stone that grants control over Dragons, and it’s my job to fight my way through hordes of enemies to stop King Hlodwick from using it to wreak havoc on the world, using my trusty bow and a quiver full of arrows with various abilities, each collectible through an unlockable tech tree.


After many attempts, I soon discover that the game, which works something like a one-man tower defense, depends on fast, precise shooting and smart use of the various power-ups and magical arrows earned via skilled shooting and combo kills.

Hordes of enemies will appear from various lanes, requiring you to stop one with a freezing arrow, slow another with a ‘mud pit’ arrow, break a hulking tank’s full body armor with a special armor-braking arrow, and so on – all while protecting your two sword and warhammer-wielding buddies Duff and Kaiden who melee their way to the path’s end. If you lose a single friend, the level will fail, although you may restart from where you died last.


I go into greater depth on the bow shooting mechanics in the Immersion section, but suffice it to say that Sacralith nails the joy of knocking arrows and slaying enemies of different types and models.

There’s also a wide range of enemies, from unarmored peasant warriors who die in a single hit to super tanks who can take several headshots and deal considerable damage on Kaiden and Duff. Finally, as 20-odd creatures charge your companions below, you’ll have to use a number of tactics to slow them down long enough to fire a slow-motion healing arrow at whomever needs it the most, or a lighting arrow to electrify a small affected area to hold the heavies at bay. Arrows often fly through legs and arms, and hitboxes aren’t much better.

You might argue that it’s too difficult since there’s no obvious aiming mechanism and sight acquisition is mostly a feeling acquired via many attempts at landing accurate long shots, but VR bow-shooters include this as standard.


Some players may complain to the node teleportation-only mobility mechanism, but in the context of the game, it simply does not work any other way (jumping from viewpoint point to vantage point). The emphasis here is on meticulously laying the groundwork for Kaiden and Duff as they try to blast their way through by shooting from high, otherwise inaccessible vantage points. Additionally, opponents never appear to stop flooding out of the map’s corners, thus the sole goal is to keep pushing forward.

sacralith-3This picture was supplied by Odd Meter.

Expect to spend a lot of time hitting your head against the wall as you attempt to figure out how to navigate your one-way trip around the world map in search of the Sacralith stone. Players may also replay levels at any time to improve their score on the leaderboard, but most players are unlikely to do so since the game is already difficult enough.


From head to toe, Sacralith is magnificent, with a world of medieval dirt juxtaposed alongside towering and equally exquisite buildings. Because of the Odd Meter team’s natural-looking motion capture, character models nearly make the leap into the “human enough” world at times.

Despite the game’s less-than-immersive node teleportation and the fact that you never directly interact with people outside of combat, the sum of its parts creates a highly engaging and immersive experience.


I like the VR bow shooting mechanics in general, and Sacralith is no exception. While it lacks some much-needed haptics, reaching behind your right shoulder, aiming, and letting the arrow fly is a satisfying way to knock arrows out of your many (many) opponents. Apart from the haptics, which should ideally simulate a strong bowstring pull like in Valve’s The Lab (2016) archery game, I just have one minor gripe, which I’ll discuss in the Comfort section below.

I observed two problems in the game: positional audio that isn’t adequately articulated in the 3D environment for optimum immersion, and the lack of realistic hand models. Hand models are off-kilter in space, don’t open or shut properly, and don’t react to button presses on Vive motion controllers or Oculus Touch’s many capacitive sensors. While your only objective is to teleport, select arrows, and fire them, having accurate (or no) hands might be better than the dead hand-shaped blocks you’re given.


Due to node teleportation, which is a fairly comfortable way of moving about in VR, Sacralith is a very pleasant experience in terms of artificial motion-induced nausea (aka sim sickness).

While Sacratlith enables you to resume your run from where you last died, it does nothing to help you recover from any arm fatigue you may have acquired throughout your run. Because you’ll be firing arrows as fast as you can knock them down, you could end up firing hundreds of rapid fire rounds in a single level. After a while, the unusually large number of opponents streaming at Kaiden and Duff became a bit annoying.

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