‘s ProCoach: What are ACTUAL USERS saying about it?

Currently, there are many fitness coaching devices on the market that claim to help people lose weight. Among them, there’s the popular Aficionado brand, the wearable iFit Coach and the ActionFitness Coach, which was covered extensively in the media last year.

It’s Monday morning, and as usual, we check out some of the reviews of the latest fitness gear. Some of the gear we review is fitness watches, which can be pretty accurate when it comes to counting your steps and estimating calories burned. However, some people report the numbers on their watches are not as high as their hearts desire. Yet, we still see a lot of fitness watch owners wearing them.

Yes, the ProCoach is a piece of software designed only to help athletes learn technical skills. But that doesn’t mean it can’t also be used to help those who want to improve their health and fitness. Since we’ve been referring to it as a “health coach” on our Facebook page, we’re now going to call it a “health coach” on the blog.

Leslie Snyder, a supercoach, provides tried-and-true strategies for getting beyond new coach nerves and finally feeling excited, energetic, and hopeful about adding nutrition coaching to your business.

Your next step: provide life-changing nutrition counseling to your clients at the touch of a button.

When it comes to nutrition coaching, bringing everything together and putting the correct strategy in place on your own can be difficult (and time-consuming). That’s where ProCoach, the best nutrition coaching software on the market, comes in.

You get the industry’s leading nutrition and lifestyle coaching curriculum—complete with daily lessons, habits, progress reports, and more—in one simple, easy-to-use platform, ready to be given to your customers with you highlighted as the coach.

ProCoach is now available—and it’s free for the first 30 days.

If you’d like to try your hand at online nutrition counseling, ProCoach can help you get started right now.

You can use our all-in-one digital platform to provide PN’s research-proven nutrition and lifestyle curriculum to your customers, measure their progress, and communicate with them directly through integrated messaging.

ProCoach is available for a free 30-day trial.

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