iPhone Stuck on Apple Logo? 6 Ways To Fix It

There are some occasions when your iPhone may get stuck on Apple logo, and it may happen in a number of situations. As a matter of fact, getting stuck on Apple logo is not a major problem at all, but when it happens, you need to try out some useful methods to fix it.

Earlier this week, a bunch of people reported their iPhones had somehow frozen and refused to go past the Apple logo. If this has happened to you too, here’s some ways you can fix it.

It’s not unusual for an iPhone to freeze up when the device is at rest. However, when an iPhone freezes up on the Apple logo, there may be an underlying problem. So today we are going to look at how to fix an iPhone that freezes on the Apple logo.

Every single individual on the planet is familiar with Apple’s iPhone, and many want to possess one. Some people believe that having an iPhone equates to having a high social standing, which is somewhat correct. Because each iPhone is expensive, not everyone can afford one. It works because iPhone provides a premium.

The phone runs well, although there are some glitches with this high-end iPhone as well. When resuming or booting after a power outage, your iPhone may get stuck on the Apple logo. If this occurs, do not be concerned; it is just a minor problem that may be easily resolved at home. Let’s start with the question of why my iPhone is stuck on the Apple logo.

  • There’s a chance your phone is corrupted. This problem arises while transferring data or installing the newest version of iOS on an older iPhone model.
  • One of the causes may be recovering or uploading damaged data from an iCloud or iTunes backup.
  • The iPhone has been jailbroken, which may be creating problems such as boot loops or other difficulties. 
  • The phone fell due to a user error, causing problems with internal components. 

Quick Fixes for iPhones Stuck on the Apple Logo

When the iPhone displays an error, the user is warned that a large bill will soon be in his or her hands. But don’t worry about those expenses; in the following paragraphs, several great methods to save money and time will be presented.

iphone stuck on apple logo

Force Your iPhone to Restart

You may sometimes force restart the iPhone if it is not responding and is stuck at the Apple logo. This may occur sometimes when the phone is restarted. It stutters at the Apple logo, but after restarting them, everything is fine.

If the user has an iPhone 6S, iPhone SE, or an earlier version, press and hold the Home key, followed by the Sleep/wake key for a few seconds, after which the apple logo will disappear, indicating that the phone will restart. If the user has an iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus, press and hold the left side button and the volume down button at the same time. Simply wait a few moments for the phone to reboot and the Apple logo to return, after which it will restart. 

If the user has an iPhone 8, iPhone SE 2nd generation, or later model, press and hold the volume up button first, then do the same with the volume down key. Then, until the Apple logo displays, press and hold the phone’s side key. One thing to keep in mind when doing this: it may call your SOS contacts. While doing this procedure, you will be able to resolve the problem of an iPhone stuck on the Apple logo. This approach solves the problem in the vast majority of instances. 

Try reinstalling iOS on your iPhone.

If a hard restart does not fix your iPhone’s problems, consider reinstalling iOS. It’s possible that the phone was accidentally or intentionally stopped in the midst of an upgrade, resulting in these problems. Connect your iPhone to a computer first. If a user is running macOS Catalina 10.15, the first thing they should do is open Finder. If the user is using a Mac with macOS Mojave 10.14, launch iTunes and remain there.

Then, on your computer, look for your iPhone. After connecting the device to the PC, follow the resuming steps until the user gets the recovery mode interface, which looks like a computer icon. When the update or restore option appears, choose update. Wait a few seconds for the computer to begin downloading and reinstalling iOS without deleting your data. 

iphone x stuck on apple logo

Make use of system repair software

Use a freemium system repair program accessible on the internet if the preceding techniques fail. These apps may assist you in resolving problems such as your iPhone getting stuck on the Apple logo and other similar concerns. When the iPhone 11 became stuck on the logo, this software came to the rescue.

While the creators were pondering what had occurred, this app came up with a solution. There are many applications available on the internet that may help you repair your iPhone and make it as good as new. 

Factory restore will be a fantastic choice.

If your iPhone won’t power on, going to the manufacturer is a fantastic alternative. This option wipes the user’s iPhone clean of all data and creates a new one. Assume the user has a backup of all of this data, which will allow him to quickly locate old items. It will be a waste of time for the user if he or she does not have a backup for all of these data.

To accomplish this procedure, the user must first enter recovery mode, after which he or she will be presented with the choice to update or restore. If the user prefers, he may update the iPhone, but if that fails, the restore option will be more effective. If the update option does not function, the user has no choice but to try again. The iPhone stuck on the Apple logo may be fixed and recovered using this method.

Process of Restoring DFU

One of the iPhone’s secret features is the ability to upgrade the device firmware. It may greatly assist in the recovery of the iPhone from a variety of severe problems. It is an iPhone restoration option that will replace the unfinished software and firmware by giving a fresh code. Connecting your iPhone to a computer is easier with a lightning cable. The user must next follow the procedures outlined below:

If the user has an iPhone 6S, iPhone SE 1st generation, or an older iPhone model, then:

1. Press and hold the sleep/wake key for a few seconds, then press and hold the home button for a few seconds.

2. Hold these buttons for seven to eight seconds after that, then release the power button. Keep hitting the Home button, however. 

3. Continue to press the home key until the PC displays “iPhone detected and connected.” 

4. If the customer has both an iPhone 7 and an iPhone 7 Plus,

5. Before releasing the side button, press and hold the power key for nearly eight seconds.

6. Then press and hold the side button, power button, and volume down button all at the same time.

7. Continue to hold down the volume down key until the computer recognizes the iPhone.

8. If the user has an iPhone 8, iPhone SE 2nd generation, or later model of iPhone,

9. Press and release the volume up key, then repeat with the volume down key. 

After you receive a blank screen, press and hold the phone’s side buttons. Hold the volume down button down for a few seconds.

11. Hold these buttons for a total of five to seven seconds. Then, while holding the volume down button, release the side button.

12. Follow the prompts that appear on the computer to help you restore your computer.

If the screen does not stay black after completing the last step for any of these iPhone models, then go into DFU mode. The user must follow the computer’s instructions. It’s still in recovery mode if the user can see the iPhone screen or iTunes icons. Reconnect the iPhone to the computer and then proceed as directed. 

Get yourself to the Apple Store.

If everything else fails, go to your closest Apple shop and explain the problems you’re having. The technical staff will assist you in resolving your issue. Make sure you have a warranty card on hand since it will help you save money. 

As a result, premium has problems in real life as well. In the preceding section, we covered several ways for resolving the iPhone stuck on the Apple logo problem. If the user’s iPhone is experiencing problems, this technique will greatly assist in resolving the issue. If none of these techniques work, go straight to the Apple Store without wasting time. 

You have to agree that the iPhone X’s Face ID facial recognition system is a brilliant innovation. However, it can sometimes be a little glitchy. Here are some tips for fixing common iPhone X Face ID issues.. Read more about iphone stuck on apple logo storage full and let us know what you think.

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