Best Ways to Improve Gaming Internet Speed at Home

A slow internet can surely ruin your gaming experience. Even if you’re a pro at what you play, lags and internet disruption can cause you the game. That is why it’s important to have a seamless internet connection that will support your gaming needs.

Apart from this, your internet plan should be good enough to accommodate your streaming needs. Since most gamers now earn money by streaming their gameplay, it’s evident that you’ll need a good connection to accommodate both gaming and streaming needs.

With this, it’s time to check out some amazing yet easy-to-implement ways to improve your gaming internet speed at home. Using these methods, you should be able to get a significant improvement in your overall gaming internet speed and enjoy a smooth gaming experience. Without further ado, let’s get started:

Acquiring a Good Plan


The preparation for a solid internet speed at home begins with the internet plan that you’ve chosen. In most cases, users aren’t able to assimilate the amount of speed they need. When this happens, they often choose an internet plan that doesn’t suffice their needs entirely.

That is why before choosing a plan, you should decide the type of gaming you’ll be invested in as well as the number of users that’ll be using the internet connection at your home. When you do this, you’ll know or at least have an estimate of the internet speed you need in your plan.

As for the internet plan, get one that offers spectacular speed, for your entertaining needs. For that, we recommend checking out Xfinity internet plans since you’ll surely find the right offer at budget-friendly rates.

Using Ethernet Instead of Wi-Fi

Although using Wi-Fi will surely give you the liberty of using the internet wherever you sit in your home, still, it’s prone to signal issues, fluctuations, disruptions, and other problems. That’s why if you want consistent internet speed, then it’s better to use Ethernet instead of Wi-Fi.

Why? Because using an Ethernet establishes a consistent connection, which isn’t prone to fluctuations, unlike a Wi-Fi signal. Moreover, you can create a network of Ethernet from your internet modem to your device, which will serve better than having Wi-Fi around. In addition, you can use your Wi-Fi to connect to remote devices.

Going for a Gaming Internet Router

If you’re inclined on using your Wi-Fi for gaming purposes, then it’s better to be equipped with hands on tech devices providing viable service. Hence, you should go for a gaming internet router that will offer an amazing performance that you need for a smooth gaming experience.

You can find several options for gaming internet routers in the market that are equipped with spectacular features such as MU-MIMO, beamforming, multiple frequency bands, extended range, coverage, etc.

However, it’s to note that gaming routers tend to be expensive and you should really consider your budget before you go for one. But choosing one will surely give you the right performance you need for your gaming and streaming needs.

Furthermore, gaming routers are better at managing mesh networks, reducing latency and coverage issues. So, even if you have multiple devices connected to it or have your gaming setup far from the modem, you’ll still get a reliable experience.

Decluttering Programs


A good reason why you face internet lags during your games is that you’re probably running too many programs on your device. Even though you might have an amazing build with superlative specs, still, running too many programs means consuming the maximum potential of your device and your internet speed.

In addition, if you have other devices connected to the same network and have multiple processes running on them, then it’ll result in a similar situation. For this, you should avoid running too many programs while gaming.

Make sure you pause any updates, downloads, and other such processes so that you can dedicate the maximum resources to your game. Moreover, you can also head to the task manager to see which process is currently running to get an idea of what you need to disable/ close for an accurate performance that you’re looking for.

Get Airtime Fairness

Airtime fairness allows for managing the airtime or the time each process has on the network. It helps avoid a network deadlock that occurs when a process holds the network’s resources for too long, starving other processes.

Moreover, airtime fairness will also make it easier to complete minor processes, and give the remaining resources to the major tasks. Although your internet provider sets airtime fairness regulations to optimize the performance of the network, you can set these for yourself too.

Simply contact your provider and enable device preferences. Or you can check your router’s settings for the option. You’ll need to enable it first and then create preferences where you can prioritize your gaming device and leave the rest of the network resources for other processes and devices, giving your selected device the juice it needs.

Clearing Browser and System Cache


In case you didn’t know, your system and browser cache tend to consume your device and internet resources. Since the cache has to keep processes ready, it needs to constantly consume the resources, including system memory, internet, etc. so that the processes can be reloaded instantly, whenever requested.

Although the cache helps save time and makes it easier to access frequently used processes, still, it minimizes your gaming performance. Therefore, if you are facing internet lags and disruptions, you should clear your system and browser cache.

This will help free up resources, which will automatically be dedicated to your gaming processes. In addition, the cache will also store your game in its memory, dedicating it to run your gaming processes faster the next time you play it.

Focusing On Updates

In addition to running fixes on your device, you should focus on running an update check as well. This should be done for your gaming device as well as your internet router. Updates may take time to install, but once done, they remove crucial bugs, improve security and optimize the overall internet experience.

In other words, you can update your internet router’s firmware and your network drivers to improve the overall performance whilst removing any hindrance whatsoever.

Closing Thoughts

Well, there you have it! You can significantly improve your overall gaming internet experience using the methods that we’ve mentioned above. Just keep them handy whenever you face any issue, and you’ll surely get it sorted out in no time!

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