Is It Possible to Dispute Casino Charges & How to Do It?

Some people tend to play online casino games to earn money. Several people spend money on casino websites to avail casino services with the possibility to win money. Winning or losing totally depends on your luck.

Many gambling sites offer casino services and refuse to provide any service. If you have lost money due to gambling fraud or scam, you can request an online casino chargeback. Numerous other casino websites are legit, and you can earn real money by playing online casino games.

If you are interested in playing online casino games online and want to earn some free cash, then visit now to create your free account and receive a sign-up bonus to play casino games for free. In this article, you will get insights on disputing online casino charges.

Is It Possible To Dispute Casino Charges?


Yes, It is possible to dispute casino charges but the process might take longer than usual and can be overwhelming sometimes. In most cases disputing casino charges generally arise due to fraud or scams by the casino website, or it can be due to falling for the rapacity of making more money by playing games online.

Disputing online casino charges requires lawful reasons and you must also have proof to validate your reasons of dispute. The chances of succeeding in a dispute against gambling charges are more likely to be unfavourable due to a lack of legitimate proof. Some might even give up in the middle because the process might take too long and people eventually lose patience.

Several people take unfair advantage of disputing online casino charges to get back the money they lost. If you willingly pay for the services then you are not eligible to apply for any kind of dispute against casino websites. Gambling sites are not accountable for the losses you have incurred while playing casino games.

How To Dispute Casino Charges?

Disputing gambling charges is based on the mode of payment. If you have lawful reasons to dispute casino charges then you can proceed through the two ways mentioned below:

1. Dispute casino charges in court


You can dispute casino charges by going to the court if the mode of payment was in cash or cryptocurrency. Nowadays, almost everyone is playing casino games online rather than going to real casinos.

Due to reasons, several casinos even have online websites and mobile applications to keep their business going. Since transactions in online casino platforms can be only done digitally. Hence, the chances of dispute casino charges in court is very less.

Resolving a dispute in court might be expensive and can even exceed the actual amount of dispute and needless to say, it can consume a lot of your time.

2. Dispute casino charges through banks

The most common way to dispute online casino charges is through banks. You can claim a chargeback from your bank, and if you can legally prove gambling fraud or scam or withdrawal of money without notifying you against your will, you can dispute casino charges.

Dispute gambling charges from your bank is only possible if the mode of the transaction has been done digitally i.e., using a debit or credit card or transfer through online wallets. The bank will approve your dispute casino charges only if your consumer rights have been violated. You cannot claim a chargeback if you have willingly made the transfer.

A chargeback is basically like a refund the bank will claim on your behalf. To avoid fraud chargeback claims banks give these casino companies to challenge any chargeback request. If there is no response from the company, your money will be successfully credited back into your account.

Lawful Reasons To Claim For Chargeback


1. The gambling platform refused to provide the service

There are several cases where even after having sufficient balance in your account, the casino website does not let you play any games. In this case, the gambling platform refuses to provide the service.

This can happen if the casino site is created for the purpose of gambling fraud and scams. Hence, you must always trust legitimate casino websites and deposit a smaller amount in the beginning. For example – after depositing a specified amount to play games you are no longer able to access them or you cannot withdraw your winnings.

2. The service offered by the casino platform violated your consumer rights


There may have been several instances of violation of consumer rights by online gambling sites. If the service offered by the casino platform violates your consumer rights, then in such cases you can claim for a chargeback to dispute casino charges.

For example – if a casino website offered fair games and promised the winner a certain percentage of payout but instead the game was unbiased and the winning percentage was also lesser than promised, then these services violate your consumer rights.

3. You didn’t request any service at all

The last common reason for claiming for a chargeback arises if you didn’t request for any service but yet your money has been debited from your account. Several casino websites often save your card information.

If your card is used by these gambling websites without your authorization, then you can lawfully claim for a chargeback to dispute casino charges. Hence, never save your card details on any website and use an alternative bank card if you regularly play casino games that don’t have much account balance.

The Bottom-line

If you have lawful reasons to dispute casino charges, then there is a possibility you might get your money credited back into your account after a long period. Due to fraudulent chargeback claims, there have been strict standards in showing valid proof that can validate your chargeback request.

The bank also allows the company to compete for the dispute. A company can compete for the dispute or instead of incurring additional expenses to the bank they just ban the player from playing on their website.

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