Review of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7
Review of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7

Review of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7

A recently made review of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 shows it as the only well-built phone currently available in the market despite solidity of a phone HTC 10 and OnePlus 3, it was only the Note 7 that stood strong.

According to Android Police report, a balanced list is created by the write-up to estimate good and bad about the top-tier device, which mostly resulted in favour of the good features. The device is all good in terms of its design, camera, and display up to its software.

The 5.7-inch size of Note 7 did not show it like a bulky smartphone. As per review, it seemed that it is smaller and one can feel comfortable in holding it because the Gorilla Glass 5 is used both for its front and back panels curving toward the central aluminum bands.

Its flatter home button is recognized but its fingerprint scanning technology was comparatively slower than other devices. However, despite that, a fast response was noticed from its iris scanning feature through the review, it is notably possible within the 18-inch distance between the face and Note 7.

The newest Samsung flagship display is another notable feature.

The same review also showed that only Note 7 have the best display among other Samsung smartphones. Though it has the same resolution like Note 5, but the review stated that Samsung managed to increase the level of brightness in the current smartphone.

The same report rated the Note 7 mark it excellent in terms of camera specifications of 12 MP with optical stabilization and larger pixels for better low-light shots. The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is currently priced at $850.

For other reviews of the Galaxy Note 7, watch the clip below.

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