Google extension of Project Fi Wi-Fi, only Nexus devices will get it!
Google extension of Project Fi Wi-Fi, only Nexus devices will get it!

Google extension of Project Fi Wi-Fi, only Nexus devices will get it!

The Project Fi Wi-Fi tech is going to be extended by Google which will enable Nexus devices users to automatically connect to public hotspots despite their current wireless carrier.

The initiative is taken for all Nexus devices to be included part of their Project Fi, however, Google Nexus 2016 is still an exception which is not confirmed by the search engine giant.

Similarly, the release dates for the aforementioned HTC branded devices has not been made public so far.

The initiative of Project Fi by Google will help users to connect to Wi-Fi hotspots across their area with the help of Sprint and T-Mobile. The wireless service from T-Mobile and Sprint will only be used whenever a user lacks a Wi-Fi connection in an area.

According to CNET, Nexus users will now be able to get the Google’s Project Fi service despite not being an active subscriber to the said service from the search engine giant. The Nexus users will also get the benefits from the said service, as draining of the battery is comparatively less on Wi-Fi connections.

But grapes are sour here that the service will be available at some geographic locations, like the United Kingdom, the United States, Mexico and Canada are the areas where users will be able to avail the service automatically with their devices.

However, according to Droid-Life report, the rolling out of the Project Fi for Nexus devices will be in a gradual manner, it may follow weeks, Google said. Once the user installed the service in the Nexus devices, it can be activated through the “Wi-Fi Assistant” toggle placed under the Google Settings Networking tab.

Another indication of the Nexus device connected to a wireless network via the Wi-Fi Assistant is a VPN “key” logo on the status bar near the clock and the battery icons. The Wi-Fi tab will project that the connection is made through the Project Fi WiFi Assistant service.

This is also coming out that the Project Fi service for Nexus devices will also be rolled out by Google, including the Nexus 6P, 5X, 5, 5, 4 and even the Nexus 10, 9 and 7 tablets. Similarly, the other requirement is the running of the device on Android Lollipop 5.1 which will make all it possible to use the feature freely.

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