One day old baby dies in Ambulance fire

An one-day-old baby died due to ambulance caught fire in Thane, Mumbai. The baby was with a nurse and a doctor in the ambulance. She was born a day before. She was taken to another hospital as there were some medical complications after her birth. Both the doctor and the nurse sustained some burned injuries on their body. But their burn injuries are nothing serious and both of them are released from the hospital after the first aid care. There is no news whether there were any more passengers in the ambulance apart from them.

One of the main suspense in this case is why the baby’s parent was not present with the baby. The mother obviously is still in bed, but the baby’s father was also absent. It is rather strange information that a family let the doctors take their one day old newborn without any family supervision. No information is yet given about the family of this baby.  She was taken to a Mumbai hospital from Bhiwandi without her family members; this is something that is making the case look a little complicated. However Kadam, a spokesperson of Disaster Management Cell said that what happened to the baby girl is purely an accident.

Immediately after the ambulance started, the doctor saw a sparkle in the oxygen cylinder. He informed that to the driver, but before anyone can take any action the sparkle turned into a fire. The baby was already weak and she died within minutes after the fire came close to her.

There are a lot of questions to be raised over the safety now. Why no one checked the ambulance before they took the baby into that. This accident could have easily been avoided if people were careful. There are staff personnel in hospitals who are supposed to do these jobs.But due to their negligence another innocent life is lost.

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