Is Autism More Likely In Babies Born By C-Section?

According to a recent report babies born by C-sections are more probable to get Autism. Many countries like Britain are seeing a huge rise in C-sections. In Britain alone, C-sections account for 1 among every 4 births. These days even doctors encourage going for the procedure if they found complications in pregnancy. However, the recent research report alarms women even though experts say that there is need for further research to explain the link of C-sections with autism.

According to the recent reports, there are around 23% chances of babies delivered by cesarean section to get the disorder. However, in the recent decades there has been an increase in the number of C-sections, especially in Britain. Most women who are at the risk of having complications at birth are suggested the procedure. It is considered safe and effective.

Researchers from the University College Cork looked at certain number of studies that linked caesarean sections to autism. They calculated and found out that there are around 23 percent of the cases when caesarean births were linked to autism. However, there are no obvious reasons behind the research reports.

The study further tried to find out whether there is any link between C-section and ADHD or Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder. However, in this case also, the results remain inconclusive. According to Eileen Curran, lead author by the University College Cork, more research was needed to find any possible link of the disorders with C-sections. She further says, “Given the accelerating rate of Caesarean section globally, this finding warrants further research of a more robust quality using larger populations to adjust for important potential confounders and explore potential causal mechanisms.”

A possible explanation of the study is that women who tend to be older tend to have C-sections and thus, there are is a high risk of the condition.

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