Human Head Transplant - a Crazy Gamble
Human Head Transplant - a Crazy Gamble

Human Head Transplant – a Crazy Gamble

Organ transplants are very commonplace today, but did you know it wasn’t too long ago that the medical community wanted to give up on the procedure because of its high failure rate? Over time, physicians became more skilled at the intricate surgery and patients began to reap the benefits by gaining a new chance at life. While most wouldn’t bat an eyelash at the thought of a person receiving a kidney, heart, or lung transplant today, transplanting one’s head onto a whole new body is another matter altogether. However, that’s exactly what one Russian man, 31 year old Valery Spiridonov, plans to do by the end of 2017

Before you think it’s a joke, it truly isn’t. And, no, there has never been an attempt to transplant a person’s head onto a donor body before. The procedure was tried with mice, and it did work briefly — the critters died many days after the procedure was done. Valery Spiridonov’s choice to go through with this procedure is definitely a huge risk. He’d have a much better chance of striking it big on than he does surviving this procedure, but there’s a huge reason why he wants to have it done: he’s been suffering from an incurable disease for his entire life.

He’s a wheelchair bound computer scientist with Werdnig-Hoffman disease, which has decimated his body, shrunken his limbs, and significantly impaired his motor skills. He can barely press the button on his motor scooter to get around, let alone enjoy the activities that most men his age do. If this surgery were to work, his gamble would pay off and his life would be forever changed.

The doctor who is behind this gamble is an Italian neurosurgeon named Dr. Sergio Canavero. He, too, would have a better chance with success on Euro Palace than he will transplanting Spiridonov’s head onto a donor’s body. There’s no word on where this donor will come from, but what is known is that it needs to be a young male who was in relatively good health before his demise. There are so many particulars that have to be just right for this surgery to even have a chance of working. The temperatures of the bodies have to be just so, the blade used must be specially crafted, the craned used to transfer Spiridonov’s head will have to be custom made, and a huge team of doctors will need to work at a feverish pace to reconnect the nerves and fuse the man’s head to the donor’s spine before tissue death occurs.

The particulars involved in this literal science experiment are mind-blowing, but what’s even more amazing is how expensive the entire procedure will be. In order for Dr. Sergio Canavero to get going with this operation tens of millions of dollars will be required – perhaps the supporters could start raising them by playing at Euro Palace online casino. Not only is the specialized equipment and team of doctors pricey, so is transporting everyone to Asia to set everything up. Because of the risks and slim chance of this working out, the procedure won’t be allowed in Europe or the United States.

It will be interesting to see how this all works out. If the first human head transplant is a success, it could mean a world of changes for the medical community and those with incurable illnesses. If it fails, such an experiment probably won’t be attempted again for quite a while.

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