Care System in England Gets a New Act First Time in 60 Years

A few major changes have been introduced to the care system in the country of England recently. It has been dubbed o be the biggest shake-up in the past 60 years. The Care Act 2014 actually includes both who are receiving care and who are providing care to their loved ones. The Act includes standards for access to care home services. Such services further include tasks like dressing and washing.

The new Public Bodies (Joint Working) Act is the most recent and substantial reform to the north for almost a generation. The Act forces the NHS ad the councils effectively enough to work together for providing more streamlined services.

The new changes that are coming into force in the country from Wednesday will be applicable to the care system for elderly adults and young adults with disabilities. Here’s introducing four major changes that the Act brought in to the care system of England:

  • The national eligibility criteria has been created, which establishes for the first time ever that if someone is entitled to help the elderly and the disabled adults, it is up to the councils to set their own criteria.
  • The new Act introduced a duty on councils to provide schemes that will allow the people who pay for residential care to get loan from their local council. The loan amount will be paid back to the council from their assets after their death.
  • The Act, for the first time ever is providing equal right to assessment to the carers as the people who are getting their cares. Before the Act came into force, they had to provide “substantial care on a regular basis” to get assessed.
  • According to the act people care for themselves and pay for it too can approach the councils to get required information and suitable advice about the care system.

David Pearson, President, the Association of Directors of Adult Social Services, mentioned the Act as “probably the most significant development since 1948”.

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