A Daytime Nap Could Improve Memory By Fivefold!

According to a new study by the Saarland University in Germany, a short nap during the daytime could significantly boost memory and brain power. The researchers of the SUG published their research results in the medical journal named Neurobiology of Learning and Memory. According to the team of researchers involved in the study, sleeping for around 45-60 minutes during the daytime can improve memory and learning almost by fivefold!

The study by Saarland University isn’t the first one on this subject. Previously the Medical News Today published a report on the study by scientists from the University of Sheffield in the United Kingdom. According to the scientists at the University of Sheffield, a 30-minute break or a short nap within 4 consecutive hours of learning can boost memory significantly especially in adults.

The recent study however revealed that power-naps are beneficial for the adults too. for the study, scientist of Experimental Neuropsychology Unit at Saarland, Alex Mecklinger included 41 participants. The participants were involved in the learning task. Participants were given a list of 90 words and 120 of unrelated pairs of words. They were asked to memorize those. They were then required to participate in a memory test.

After the memorizing task, half of the participants were allowed to take a sleep of 90 minutes. The other half were instructed to watch and learn from a DVD.

According to Mecklinger, “We suspect that certain types of memory content, particularly information that was previously tagged, is preferentially consolidated during this type of brain activity.” The study found that the participants who slept had a better performance than who didn’t take a nap – almost by five times. The team thus concluded that short naps during the daytime and especially during long learning hours helped in improvement of memory. They will remember things better, for example, they can better remember phone numbers and addresses of people.

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