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Happy Easter 2018 – Wishes, Quotes, Eggs, Bunny Images and Pictures

It is happy Easter 2018 everyone! Anyone who celebrates Easter knows how busy this week is. Everyone who has not been to their hometown usually takes this time to come home and celebrate the holiday with their family. Here and there, you will see some happy Easter images of 2018. These people share how they celebrate the holiday.

They share the fun and enjoyment that the bright nature of Easter has. Easter is a grand celebration that kids and adults from around the world celebrate. On the one hand, it is also a feast gives tribute to Jesus Christ’s resurrection while also a commemoration for the upcoming spring season. Indeed, this holiday season marks life and rebirth of Jesus as well as the new season.

Easter and April Fool’s Day 2018

This year, Easter happens from March 30, Good Friday to April 2, Easter Monday. This makes Easter Sunday on April 1. Coincidentally, it is also April Fool’s Day. The Easter is a holiday season, a celebration symbolizing the spirit of life and rebirth. The Easter is around the corner and already many people cannot wait to indulge in all the festivities.

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Legends say that Christians started to celebrate Easter to commemorate the resurrection of Jesus. It celebrates Jesus’s rebirth and his great sacrifice for the mankind. For this reason, the motif of the Easter festival is one that symbolizes life, such as the making of Easter eggs as well as Easter bunnies. The Easter Sunday will happen on April 1 this year, three days after Good Friday.

In Easter, the Good Friday corresponds to Jesus Christ’s crucifixion. According to the Bible, three days after the crucifixion is the resurrection of Christ from the tomb. The Easter Sunday marks this day. This year, Easter Day happens on 1 April, the famous day for jokes and pranks. Thus, you cannot help not to share happy Easter images, memes and jokes to commemorate the holiday.

A Brief Origin and the Significance of Easter

The meaning of Easter links to a great prophecy. You can find this prophecy in the ancient Christian scriptures, which foretells the coming of a savior. The prophecy tells that God would send a Messiah, someone who would carry the burden of the sins of humanity. He would suffer persecution for the sins of man, die, and rise on the third day.
Historians say that the early Christians begin to remember and celebrate Christ’s Resurrection every Sunday after its occurrence. At that time, there was so much debate on which day they should celebrate the Easter. During that time, there said to be so many sects with differing thoughts on the celebration day of Easter.

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Some of the sects want the date to coincide with Old Testament while some wanted to dissociate the celebration with Judaism. After so much debate, the council gave two rules to follow for the date of the Easter. First, that it will be independent of the Jewish calendar. Secondly, the day of the celebration must follow the same date across the world.

Years and years after, people began to celebrate Easter on the Sunday after Good Friday. To this day, it is the same rule that Christians follow but the exact date for the Easter week changes every year. Why does the date of the Easter week changes? How do they determine the date for the Easter? You will find that out in a little while.

Easter Bunny, the Origin

The Easter Bunny is a popular figure during Easter season. During this time, you probably already noticed many Easter pictures related to rabbits and bunnies. If you are a curious one, you are probably wondering about Easter Bunny’s origin. It all came from Eostre, the 13th-century German goddess of spring and fertility.

When winter changes to spring, the people would honor her as well as her companion, which is a hare. Her companion has the power to lay eggs once in a year. This is where the tradition of Easter eggs came from. Eventually, the Christians absorbed the celebration in honor of Eostre into their version of Easter. This is because of the timing as well as the fact that eggs symbolize fertility and new life.

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Easter Egg Hunt

When it is Easter season, there is always an Easter egg hunt. This is a festive activity that will keep kids of all age entertained. The idea is for you to nestle some homemade treats around your house and garden that the kids will have to find through written clues. It is a lot like a treasure hunt that happens exclusively during Easter holiday.
This Easter 2018, it is especially great to have an Easter egg hunt to keep the fingers of your techy kids off their gadgets. They probably do not have any idea about the good old-fashioned egg hunt. Well, that just means this is a great time to introduce the tradition of the good old springtime Easter pastime. If you have no idea how to start, you can search the Internet and find amazing ideas.

Easter Date – How Is It Calculated?

If you celebrate Easter every year, you know the date is not always the same. Every year, the Easter Sunday falls on a different day. It is Christian’s common belief that the date of the Easter follows the date of the Passover. But then, it usually gets them confused when the date of Easter falls before the date of the Passover.

This is because calculating the date for the Easter depends on the Gregorian calendar. On the other hand, calculating the date for the Passover depends on the Hebrew calendar. Historically, there is a connection between Easter and Passover since the very first Holy Thursday fell on the day of the Passover feast.

However, the calculation is actually different. Do you remember? It was mentioned above that during the debate for the date of the Easter, some sects wanted it to be independent of Judaism. The Council of Nicaea came up with the formula for calculating the Easter date. This calculation frees it from the Jewish feast of Passover, so the date for their celebration is essentially unrelated.

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The Council’s formula for the Easter date is that it should always fall on the Sunday after the ecclesiastical full moon. This refers to the full moon that falls on the day of the vernal equinox (spring) or after it. This means that after the full moon on or after the 21s of March, the first Sunday will be the date for the Easter. Easter could be around March 22 to April 25, depending on when exactly the ecclesiastical full moon shows.

The Easter Duty of Communion

Today, most Catholics can receive a Holy Communion whenever they go to Mass. However, that was not the case long ago. In the past, it is rare for many Catholics to receive the Eucharist. This prompted the Catholic Church to make it a requirement that all Catholics to at least receive a communion once a year during Easter season.

It is also around this time that the Church urges the faithful Catholics to receive the Sacrament of Confession to prepare for the Easter Communion. Going to the Confession is a requirement only to those who have committed a mortal sin. To the Catholics, it is a visible sign of their faith to receive the Eucharist.

What is Easter Really All About?

As mentioned before, Easter is a celebration of the resurrection of Jesus Christ after his crucifixion. A Good Friday commemorates this day and Easter Sunday marks the time when Christ rose again after three days. The Ash Wednesday, the start of the Lenten season, indicates the start of Easter. This is also the first day of the Lenten season that lasts for 40 days to Easter Sunday (excluding six Sundays).

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During this time, the Christians go on fasting or abstain from eating certain food as a sign of participation. The fasting is also to remember the time when Jesus left to the wilderness. In there, he abstained from eating for 40 days even when there is a temptation. Know at some parts of the world as Holy Week, Easter week starts from Maundy Thursday to Easter Sunday.

The Maundy Thursday

In Easter 2018, Maundy Thursday falls on March 29. However, in Jesus’ time, this corresponds to Passover. During the Passover, Jesus and his disciples shared a meal to celebrate the feast. The tradition of the Passover includes wine, bread, and roast lamb. Maundy Thursday is when Jesus had his last meal, The Last Supper, before his death.

If you are familiar with a Catholic mass, you should know that it is a remembrance of Jesus’ last meal. His actions then are significant to Christians. It is said that through the meal, Jesus took the bread and wine, offering them to his disciples as his body and blood. This event is now known as communion in Church services.

The Good Friday

The entire Lenten season builds up to the Good Friday, the day of Jesus’ death. It is strange to hear the day of Jesus’s death to be “good,” but before, it meant “holy”. During this day, Christians remember the sufferings Jesus suffered. They remember the flogging of Jesus to the carrying of the cross to the site of where his crucifixion happened. Jesus died while nailed to the cross.

There are many traditions related to the Good Friday, including penitence where people feel sorry for the things they did wrong would walk down the street carrying a huge cross. In some countries, there are processions with statues of religious figures. Some of the services during Good Friday also include tombs that serve as a remembrance of the death of Jesus Christ.

The Easter Sunday

Many people gets confused that Easter Sunday is the day after Good Friday. That day is the Holy Saturday. During this time, most churches do not have a service. Instead, they conduct a Vigil. The Vigil would end when we welcome the most important day of the week – Easter Sunday, the day when Jesus rises from death.

The Easter Sunday is the most celebrated day of the Holy Week. After all, it commemorates the resurrection of Jesus Christ. According to the Bible, the women found Jesus’ tomb open when they returned. There, the women were told to speak to the disciples and tell them “He is Risen”, with the He referring to Jesus. Later that day, Jesus revealed himself to his disciples proving who he really is.

Easter Sunday Celebrations All Over the World

For the happy Easter 2018’s celebration, which coincides with April Fool’s Day, people do not only celebrate life and rebirth but also fun and enjoyment. Men and women, young and old, do not fail to share their happy Easter images 2018. These images also often include funny jokes and memes to show the bright nature of Easter.

Essentially, this year’s Easter season has three things to celebrate – the resurrection of Jesus, the coming of spring as well as the day for merriment. Now is the perfect chance to reconnect with family and friends you had not seen for a long time. Since it is going to be a long holiday, it is just the perfect time to spend some quality time with your loved ones.

Happy Easter Images, Jokes and Memes

To make the celebration more humorous, share some happy Easter images and memes to your loved ones. If they were not present during the celebration, you can let them in on the festivities by sharing happy Easter pictures. A joke or two would also be great to up the fun, especially since it is also April Fool’s Day.

Go to Church, Pray and Give Thanks

Of course, do not forget to go to Church together with the family to pray and give thanks. Remember the suffering, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ, who died for our sins. The celebration of the Easter is for the whole family, including your family in the church. Remember that this is also the time for communion.

If you have not received the Eucharist this year, now is the perfect time to participate and show your faith. Go to the church and attend the mass. Greet your family and friends who are not there with you of a happy Easter 2018. If you want, you can even go for an Easter hunt that is sure to entertain the young ones in the family.
Easter Movie Marathons

After the outdoor celebrations, the next activity could be an Easter movie marathon. If you have a stack of movies you have not had a chance to watch yet, now is the time. Get you’re the whole family – the adults and everybody else – to watch some flicks that will get you into the perfect holiday spirit. If you have no idea for the movies to watch, you can just re-watch some classic Easter flicks.

There are many different ways you can celebrate a happy Easter 2018. You still have some time to gather your things and start making a plan now. You can still make a happy Easter 2018 that everyone in the family is sure to remember until the next Easter season next year.


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