India May Witness Rafael Nadal Again In 2016 IPTL

Rafael Nadal thinks that IPTL is a good practice tournament for him. The tennis ace is so impressed with the way Indian organizers arranged everything last year that he wants to come back here in 2016 too. But the tennis maestro is not happy with the fact that IPTL is …

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India Has Rejected Arificial Deadlines For WTO Deal

India has refused to follow the deadline set by WTO. They just simply leveled the deadline as Artificial. India believes that WTO is only focusing on the propaganda presented by the rich nations. India is not saying that they completely disagree with WTO deal. But the main problem for India …

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UK, Israel say no to Donald Trump

The US 2016 presidential candidate Donald Trump got a rude shock when the author of Harry Potter called him more evil than Lord Voldemort on Twitter. But it’s not only J. K. Rowling but the entire UK population now hates him due to his announcement on Muslim ban. Donald Trump …

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