“Windows 10 Anniversary Update”Download it with out Windows Update
“Windows 10 Anniversary Update”Download it with out Windows Update

“Windows 10 Anniversary Update” Download it with out Windows Update

Microsoft has just released the Windows 10 Anniversary Update and the company is committed to rolling out the new version of the OS in stages. It could take time before everyone will be able to receive it through Windows Update.

For instance,at Softpedia, your computers aren’t seeing the update via Windows Update, so the very simple solution is to install the Anniversary Update right away without any delay.

Microsoft is also committed to providing dedicated ISOs for installation of the version 1607, but in case you are seeking to install the Anniversary Update and it doesn’t appear in Windows Update, follow the given as best options.

New ISOs on MSDN

MSDN subscribers are required to download the new ISOs, but consumers can get theMedia Creation Tool, the one that is easy to access.

For updating your computer, you need to select the option that says “Upgrade this PC now,” so the Media Creation Tool automatically downloads the ISO and the necessary files. It will guide you throughout the entire process for installation.

In another way, you will also be able to create installation media for your PC, this enables you either to upgrade your computer to the Anniversary Update or to perform a clean install on your computer.

The problem is that the Media Creation Tool asks for 8 GB of free storage space when trying to create installation media for a PC, and ISOs also take much time to download. So,all you need to do is to have a fast Internet connection to get everything ready in a short span of time.

The Media Creation Tool is a step-by-step wizard, so you need to follow that designed method without hurrying like a rocket fire.If you follow the on-screen instructions carefully,it will take you few minutes to install the Windows 10 Anniversary Update.

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