WhatsApp is to add many New Features
WhatsApp is to add many New Features

WhatsApp is to add many New Features

Since long, WhatsApp has been working on improving the application and the service that it provides to its users.WhatsApp beta comes with some neat features including the message quotes and replies. Now, it seems that the new version will be featured with much more tools like boast music sharing options etc.

According to German site Macerkopf,WhatsApp beta will include the feature that accepts users’ step to share music with their contacts. The website also mentioned that users will be enabled to share music stored locally on their devices and tracks from Apple Music.

In addition, once a track is shared, the recipient of the content can see a music icon and the album art. What users simply need to do is to tap on the icon and just listen to the track. So, a player icon will be available inside the application and users will be able to listen to multimedia files without closing the app.

Nevertheless, WhatsApp could make some changes that would appear in the final product because of this beta version.

WhatsApp beta: Public Groups and Larger Emojis

Now, WhatsApp beta version only includes the music sharing the feature but also the application will introduce public groups that allow anyone to join the group chat so far they have a specific link unbroken, while the group admins can close the chat at any time he wants.

However, the significant feature is that WhatsApp will introduce a Twitter-like feature called ‘Mentions’. With this feature,user within a chat can tag people from their address book. It’s also of significant importance that the application comes with larger emojis is similar in size to those introduced in iOS 10.

Last but not the least to mention, last month, WhatsApp launched its desktop app for Mac and for the animated GIFs,the application on iOS is expected to get support as well. What it causes to turn out is that the company is preparing some really big and exciting changes for its users on iOS. For more updates, stay connected.

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