Updated Version of Pokémon Go shows which monsters are the best
Updated Version of Pokémon Go shows which monsters are the best

Updated Version of Pokémon Go shows which monsters are the best

Beside from the mind-boggling popularity of Pokémon Go, it has was also confronted by some issues apart from just keeping its servers in working condition. According to a report by Bloomberg that the number of active users which were playing this game has been reduced by more than 10 million by the mid-July, that’s why the remaining users should be kept happy to avoid losing more users. The new update brings some features like, pulling the recently added Team Leader game character to give players advice on their Pokémon.

The only problem is that when the team leader gives advice to the players the casual players do not get any useful information which is lame, and can be seen in the screenshots given. Mostly when appraisal key is pressed when looking at a captured Pokémon, users will get feedback like that particular Pokémon stats compared to its species. That particular information will be needed by the player to determine whether which Pokémon should evolve, battle or trade to the professor in the game, however, if you can understand what’s going on. Pokémon Go Database fan site contains a list which includes all the possible reactions and responses what they mean in terms of figures, numbers, acting as an explainer to the explanation feature.

It is a positive step towards helping newcomers, which will better understand from this rather than searching online for help, on the other hand, the new update points to that Niantic is also working on “rebalancing” training battle. Many areas of the game need work to provide better user experience to the players, but fingers crossed we will see improvements soon via regular updates. One can update to the latest version via iTunes or Google Play immediately. Keep us posted if a few one-liners Spark, Blanche and Candela are enough to keep you playing.

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