Ubuntu Touch OTA-12 and OTA-13 Brings Libertine Improvements
Ubuntu Touch OTA-12 and OTA-13 Brings Libertine Improvements

Ubuntu Touch OTA-12 and OTA-13 Brings Libertine Improvements

Today, we take pleasure to inform our readers that some of the latest changes coming in the next major update of the Ubuntu Touch, the OTA-13 as the Ubuntu Touch saga continues, some good news for the soon-to-be-released OTA-12 have also been heard.

Things look great at the testing of the upcoming Ubuntu Touch OTA-12 software update almost close to completion.Everything works perfectly as expected for almost all devices and there are no blockers, with a small exception for Meizu PRO 5 and BQ Aquaris M10, which need custom tarball re-spins, according to Canonical’s Łukasz Zemczak.

Nevertheless, it is needlessly mentioned because the OTA-12 update is on its way to Ubuntu Phone, while multiple improvements and a few new features could be seen in Ubuntu Tablet as owners claimed. Currently, time is not specified and it looks like the phased out update should start landing next week, on July 20 this year.

ŁukaszZemczak, Canonical Foundations said, “We expect a new device tarball re-spin for turbo and maybe one small custom tarball re-spin for frieza/cooler this week, but those should not affect our schedule. If everything continues as well as now we should be able to start phasing out the update Wednesday next week”.

OTA-13 Developments

Meanwhile, implementing new features to the next major release, the OTA-13 has been under hard work by the Ubuntu Touch developers and through that effort, it expected to be available this fall. Moreover, ever reported bug-fixes issue by users is also expected to be overcome, for instance, Ubuntu Touch OTA-13 will come as a big update for libertine, for fixing numerous issues.

Similarly, a new indicator-power updated for the new repowered power manager is among the other goodies coming to theUbuntu Touch OTA-13 update, the addition of emergency numbers for the China Market for Meizu PRO 5 Ubuntu Edition, the Mir 0.23.3 display server, and a new libhybris version with an experimental arm64 enablement and Android6.x BSP support.

More details about the Ubuntu Touch OTA-12 update will be seen in a couple of weeks, it is also expected to unveil some new features emerged just before the Wednesday launch. The OTA-12 will expectedly be seeded as a phased update during a 24-hour period, yet, everyone will not receive it on the launch day.

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