Twitter Launches Engage App, Expands Video Length as well
Twitter Launches Engage App, Expands Video Length as well

Twitter Launches Engage App, Expands Video Length as well

According to NYSE:TWTR, Twitter has announced to extend videos length on Twitter from the previous 30-second limit to 140 seconds. Although, the length is subject to the company’s 140-character limit, but Twitter said select publishers will be able to post videos that are up to 10 minutes long via its professional publisher tools.

In addition, for the company video app willtake140 seconds for a time-length boost, and the changes will be made to both the iOS and Android apps, while Twitter says updates for Twitter for Mac and Twitter for Windows will soon arrive.

Now, the company has also launched a new app known as Engage, which is targeted at the “world’s most influential creators” for instance,“probably not you, sorry”. Twitter says Engage will “help popular video creators better understand, engage, and grow their audiences on-the-go with real-time data and insights.”

What will happen to share holders?

Twitter’s app and Vine aren’t planned to cause a sudden flock to Twitter’s platform by social media users specifically on the expansion of video length, yet,the company’ strategy also involved a significant expansion.

Furthermore, Twitter is facing great video competition from Snapchat, Instagram, and of course from Facebook(NASDAQ:FB), so far it’s not going to face the failure in the battle. Since the beginning of the year,Video tweets reached up 50%,but Facebook’s video stats are still lurching.

Since last year, Facebook users are posting 75% more videos to the platform that helped Facebook reach 8 billion daily video views in all, whereas Facebook’s Live Video streams are watched three times longer than non-live videos.

Last but not the least, expanding the length of video tweets could help in increasing user engagement, but with no sure guarantee.Introducing Engage app is definitely a good way for the company to encourage and persuade its top users to persist use of the platform, but nothing can be predicted before time and move will likely to change Twitter’s position on the social media platform.

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