Samsung recalls Galaxy Note 7 devices over explosive batteries
Samsung recalls Galaxy Note 7 devices over explosive batteries

Samsung recalls Galaxy Note 7 devices over explosive batteries

Samsung, a Multinational conglomerate company based in South Korea, is recalling its Galaxy Note 7 smartphones on Friday after discovering that batteries of some of the flagship devices caught fire or exploded.

A person familiar with the issue told Reuters about it, however, he declined to be identified as the deliberations were not yet nailed down and added that the company had not decided specifics such as the timeline for a potential recall or how many of the flagship gadgets might be affected by the battery problem.

Moreover, the company has officially declined to comment on any plan to recall its flagship phone, which has been the subject of online complaints from its customers who claimed that their devices had battery issues while charging and caught fire. The company declared that it had confirmed 35 instances of Galaxy Note 7s catching fire or exploding.

On Wednesday, the company also said that Note 7s are being pulled from the top three South Korean carriers and due to additional quality testing the shipments of the new phones are being delayed. However, the company did not throw much light on any issues possible found with the new smartphone, which was rolled out on 19th of August in South Korea and other markets around the globe.

In this regard, the South Korean News Agency Yonhap said that Samsung Electronics halted the release of the Galaxy Note 7 in key European markets including UK and France. Moreover, the news agency also stated, without citing a direct source, that shipments to the US are also pulled back.

In an official statement to Reuters, Samsung also declared that it is “conducting a thorough inspection” with its partners on the Galaxy Note 7 and the company will be sharing any findings made in this regard. However, on Yonhap’s report, the company did not comment instantly.

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