Samsung is going to shut down its Milk Music Service
Samsung is going to shut down its Milk Music Service

Samsung is going to shut down its Milk Music Service

Music streaming service, Milk Music, which was launched in March 2014, is going to be shut down, Samsung revealed.

The description for the Android App is updated by Samsung, which now reads, “The Samsung Milk Music app will no longer be supported, as of September 22, 2016.”

Aforementioned service was available only in the United States but on selected Samsung Galaxy devices, which include mobile phones, tablets, smartwatches, and televisions.

The service was introduced on Slacker radio, where it offered over two hundred curated radio stations. The expressive style of music, Genres, were presented in a dial, with a slight tweaking of the number of popular, favorite and new tracks in the mix, prompting users to tune into a custom radio station. So, more interesting was that the service could freely be access on Samsung Galaxy devices, yet a premium subscription was also available for $3.99 (around Rs 268) per month. This resulted in the benefits of offline caching of songs, uninterrupted playback without advertisements, a feature to toggle DJ commentary and the skipping of an unlimited number of tracks.

Now, current users are redirected to the Slacker app. Samsung’s decision of shutting down has a strategic objective, in which Samsung wants to partner with content providers to seamlessly integrate multiple kinds of music streaming service providers in the Samsung Galaxy devices. No additional information is given yet, but this strategic decision could hint that Samsung might have been seeking alternative services planned for delivering music to the Galaxy series devices.

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