Rumour of OnePlus 3 ‘Mini’ rejected by OnePlus CEO Carl Pei
Rumour of OnePlus 3 ‘Mini’ rejected by OnePlus CEO Carl Pei

Rumour of OnePlus 3 ‘Mini’ rejected by OnePlus CEO Carl Pei

Any rumour that—there are no OnePlus 3 mini and it will never hit the market in near future, was denied by CEO Carl Pei. However, as per the leak, OnePlus 3 Mini is said to feature a 4.6-inch screen, with a resolution of the screen 1080 x 1920 pixels, and is a little smaller compared to its ancestor device.

The entire attention of the tech world has been driven to the leak of OnePlus 3 Mini and that was why the features and specs of an unrevealed Smartphone known as “OnePlus 3 Mini” were benchmarked by a leading tech site.In fact, the smartphone falls under OnePlus Brand.

Nevertheless, according to yesterday’s statement, the CEO of OnePlus, Mr. Carl Pei was noted to have denied the existing of OnePlus 3 Mini, saying that it is only a “buzz” and no such phone is in the launch program of the company.

Similarly, after few hours of leaked features of OnePlus Mini 3, Carl Pei came out to publicly confirm that there is no reality in the rumor, as his publicize confirmation was taken to Twitter thereafter. He further elaborated that OnePlus is not working on any such Smartphones known as OnePlus 3 Mini. On his Twitter account, it was posted that: “No. #rumorshutdown (sic).”

What Rumor Says About Feature?

OnePlus 3 Mini has recently been as an online benchmarking site, with unveiling some of its features and major specs, which this gadget has been rumored as the descendant released version OnePlus 3that was announced in June.

However, the leak shows that OnePlus 3 Mini is expected to have 4.6-inch screen features, and is little small than its ancestor device, with the screen resolution 1080 x 1920 pixels.

Moreover, OnePlus 3 Mini is said to be powered by a Quad Core Snapdragon 820 SoCclocked at2.2GHz processor and an Adreno 530 GPU. It is also expected to run on OS Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow. It will sport 6 GB of RAM and 64 GB inbuilt memory. Regarding the camera, the users are expected to get 16 MP rear along with8 MP front camera.But, with the confirmation of the CEO of OnePlusright now, all such rumors seem to be just a bluff.

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