Philippine Army Website Hacked & Defaced
Philippine Army Website Hacked & Defaced

Philippine Army Website Hacked & Defaced

Philippine: The official Army website of the Philippine’s had been hacked earlier on 30th January 2016 by a hacktivist claiming to be code-named “Shin0bi H4x0r”. The hacker managed to gain access to the Philippine Army website and defaced it’s index page replacing it with a “Hacked by Shin0bi H4x0r” message. At the time of publishing this news article, the website remained down although it had been 3 days since the website had been defaced.

Surely this defacement raises a lot of question regarding the breach. It’s unclear if any sensitive data has been stolen or leaked. However, security on the Philippine Army website and server did prove that it was extremely poor. According to the deface page, the hacker stated the following:

“Just a friendly defacement,your website security was good,but not good enough.”
“Security is just an illusion, hacking is a talent, defacement is art” – Shin0bi H4x0r

As the hacker made his statement on the index of the website, it appears to have been hacked to prove that it only had poor security. No political reason is behind the website defacement. No updates have been given from the Philippine Army website administrators yet, regarding when the website would be back online.

As soon as the website had been defaced, many social media users went over to twitter and facebook updating their status’s regarding the website being hacked. Below are some user’s that updated their status on their social media profiles and pages:

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