OnePlus 3 Units from China is fully Ad-Ridden Apps
OnePlus 3 Units from China is fully Ad-Ridden Apps

OnePlus 3 Units from China is fully Ad-Ridden Apps

At the start of this month, OnePlus 3 device was announced. The device received with great zeal and zest but some issues seem to have arrived. Reportedly, it looks like One Plus 3 units from China are filled with ads in system applications.

Yet, it is not out of question that OnePlus has been the attraction of lots of criticism concerning its dissatisfactory use of the 6GB of RAM, battery life issues, and inaccurate display, as well as it appears that units from China are facing different problems, but it seems that these disappointing issues will be solved in the next OTA for OnePlus 3.

According to GizmoChina, some OnePlus 3 smartphones from China came with ads in system files, OnePlus 3 runs OxygenOS, an operating system that’s strongly based on Android Marshmallow 6.0. Although, it’s a lighter version of Google’s Android OS but it’s been included with some extra features.

In addition, China-based OnePlus 3 devices come with different software, while HydrogenOS has extra features as compared to OxygenOS.

Non-Disabled Ads Section

The reports from some Chinese users indicated that the extra feature they observed is an ad feed in actual terms. The dialer interface shows a “Live Services” feed which is filled with banners for movies, restaurants and the like. Though the ad platform seems to be outsourced, yetOnePlus might actually not control the displayed ads.

Furthermore, users are practically compelled to check out the content while the ads section can’t be removed or disabled without any doubt whether they like it or not. However, the ads are limited to the Live Services section and are not spreading to other system files,are definitely good news.

The devices sold in China did not affect the western users by these ads, but OnePlus has been speculated to merge OxygenOS with HydrogenOS, which means that there’s a little chance about the Live Services feed as expected to arrive in other countries too.

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