Not sure Apple is releasing iPhone Pro in 2017, reports shows that high end pro model will sport an OLED display
Not sure Apple is releasing iPhone Pro in 2017, reports shows that high end pro model will sport an OLED display

Not sure Apple is releasing iPhone Pro in 2017, reports shows that high end pro model will sport an OLED display

Apple might not release its Pro variant of their iPhone scheduled to be released in the upcoming year? New rumours suggest that Cupertino-based company is doing their homework on a more premium including top of the line specs third variant for its 2017 smartphone line-up. The new iPhone in 2017 is likely to come with an OLED display with deep blacks and highly saturated colours exclusively manufactured by Samsung.

Apple is going to debut another top of the line phone in the upcoming year alongside its normal and plus variants. The base model will be sporting 4.7inch display, while the Plus variant will be a 5.5-inch mammoth. And for the third model, it will also be sporting a 5.5-inch screen but the screen type will be an OLED display that will be curved on both side same as Samsung Galaxy S7 edge.

The previous week, it was confirmed that Apple stepped back from launching an iPhone 7 Pro along with the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus which will be launched on 7th of September. Recently a report revealed that there is not a pro model coming this year, which also contradicts that the dual lens setup which was exclusive only to Pro model is not ready yet to see the market.

For now, as we know that Apple is coming up with 2 models this year, rumours are also flying around that Apple will launch a new device in early 2017. The report also suggested that the third iPhone from the Cupertino-based company will change the whole game by sporting an OLED display, source MacRumors.

An unknown source told Japan’s Nikkei, that there will be a 4.7-inch variant and a 5.5 inch Plus variant which will sport a dual edge display like Samsung S7 Edge.

IHS Display Search senior director David Hsiech has also supported this entitlement which Nikkei’s source said, further he elaborated that Apple is appointing Samsung to be its key supplier of OLED display panels, as stated by Apple Insider.

Ming-Chi Kuo KGI Securities analyst prophesied earlier that Apple is probably to introduce an iPhone with a curved 5.8 inch AMOLED display in the upcoming year. So these rumours confirm that the famous analyst and reporter who is well known for his accurate information when it comes to upcoming devices from Apple.

In the meantime the question is that will Samsung will be able to match the OLED Panel needs that are required by Apple, besides from manufacturing for their own smartphones. Apple might order from Foxconn because they are developing glass casing and OLED panels since past year they are hoping to get orders from one of the world’s biggest client this 2017.

In the upcoming year, Apple will celebrate its 10th anniversary of iPhone than it points out to that Apple will launch a Pro model with significant upgrades and improvements. Unfortunately, there is no clear word from the Cupertino-based company what they will call their new device.

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