Nokia attempting to recover its glorious past; Nokia-Branded Android Smartphones and tablet's Launch by before the end of 2016
Nokia attempting to recover its glorious past; Nokia-Branded Android Smartphones and tablet's Launch by before the end of 2016

Nokia Branded Android Smartphones and Tablet’s Launch by before the end of 2016

The share of Nokia has been faced with a wave of ups and downs. This was the company once bringing the biggest brands on the planet. But, now with the changing face and pace of the smartphone industry, it couldn’t keep up, and lots of positions are now named by Apple and Samsung. Back in 2014, the company even saw a decline and suffered to the extent that it had to sell its phone business to Microsoft. However, the news is making rounds that the company has reportedly ensured its comeback by the launch of Android-powered smartphones and tablets in the last quarter of this on-going year.

The Paper, Chinese news firm reported that a confirmation came from the Nokia China President Mike Wang who said that there will be three to four Nokia-branded devices including both smartphones and tablets, will see the daylight in the fourth quarter of this year.

Actually, this was a deal between Microsoft and Nokia which restricted Nokia from launching devices under its brand name till the last quarter of 2016. Does it indicate that Nokia is extremely keen to re-enter its lost territory?

Yet there is a possibility that these devices will not be manufactured at the plants where Nokia’s smartphones were manufactured recently. In accordance with the company’s brand licensing deal, the products are expected to be manufactured by HMD Global, a Finnish company. At the same time, earlier this year, Nokia had granted HMD Global the exclusive license to create Nokia-branded mobile phones and tablets for the next decade.

As per last month rumours, two Nokia-branded Android phones made by Finland’s HMD Global might soon make inroads into the market. The 5.2-inch and 5.5-inch phones will sport 2K resolution (QHD) displays and will come with IP68 certification, which effectively leads to the meaning that they will be similar to the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge and Galaxy S7 which are highly resistant to water and dust.

Meanwhile, another fact is that HMD gave place to the ex-Nokia and Rovio employee Pekka Rantala as a chief marketing officer, which shows company’s seriousness towards the comeback.

Nevertheless, interesting would be to see the outcome of the collaborative efforts of Nokia with Android. Now, whether the company which was once considered the benchmark for hardware on cellphones, would prove capable of recapturing the lost charm and recovering the glorious past.

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