Next MacBook Pro will be Amazing But if These 5 Rumors Are True
Next MacBook Pro will be Amazing But if These 5 Rumors Are True

Next MacBook Pro will be amazing but if these 5 rumors are true

Almost a year has been passed when the MacBook Pro was refreshed in the form of Retina screens and a speed boost, which certainly hint that the arrival of a new MacBook Pro is imminent. September will likely be the month for an announcement, which will make headline side by side iPhone 7 news.

Just have a look at five of the biggest MacBook Pro rumors that you must know.

Hello to OLED bar and goodbye to function keys

For some time, the rumour of the line of function keys at the top of the MacBook Pro keyboard has been around, which made it look awkward. So, the new MacBook Pro will see a change with all that. A strip-like screen will be offered by an OLED based bar that allows users with functions when needed, which means automatically adaptation to whatever task is processed for completion, such as the apps currently open on the laptop.

This entire new strip will lead to simplify keyboard shortcuts, saving users to Google what each function key does. It will also be great in terms of multi-tasking when one want to skip music track as easily as editing of a document.

Touch ID on the MacBook Pro

It is noted that Touch ID technology has recently been so useful for iPhone users. As its security feature prevents your phone to be unlocked by someone. It’s a real timesaver in terms of saving you from entering your password frequently.

The inclusion of Touch ID in the MacBook Pro has been rumoured plenty of times. However, from some sources, it came that it would be integrated into the power button, or trackpad, while according to others, the new OLED touch bar will make it as its integral part. After all, its location won’t matter, and users will find it great when they forget passwords easily.

Original design will be a thinner one

The new MacBook Pro is set to change because it has been with a roughly looking for many years. As per rumours suggestion, the laptop will come in slightly thinner shape than current models, with a smaller footprint and more shallow curves around the edges.

As it will not be tapered like others, so expectedly, it looks a bit more like the new MacBook. The pressure-sensitive trackpad of it will likely be wider but slightly. So, the change of style might not be significant, but it’ll be enough to make it light and convenient to carry around.

The USB Type-C ports Addition

Under a complete set of improvements, it looks like that the MacBook Pro will come with USB Type-C ports, quite similar to the first one which was featured on the 12-inch MacBook. It’s pretty cool though not so appreciative.

The USB Type-C ports being a multifunctional type of port will charge and power devices and will connect things as well. It is also workable via adaptors to output HDMI and VGA content. It certainly is the future for USB technology. It will also put an end to ‘putting the USB cable in the wrong way’ problems as, much like Lightning cables, it will be workable work no matter which way you twist.

Embracing new Intel chips

Since the last MacBook Pro refresh, there is no doubt that the new processing technology has been developed and will be embraced too.

Intel’s sixth generation of chips, Skyline, is providing significant performance gains, along with the improvement of battery life. Certainly, it will be the only chipset that Apple will use in its new laptops.

While rumours suggest that Apple might bring into use one of AMD’s Polaris graphics chips. It is more energy efficient and thinner than its predecessor, which hint that it’s ideal for a laptop. In combination with the Intel chips, this could be a significant battery life boost for the iteration of MacBook Pros.

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