Milk Music by Samsung is shutting down from 22nd of September
Milk Music by Samsung is shutting down from 22nd of September

Milk Music by Samsung is shutting down from 22nd of September

Reports are that the Korean giant tech company “Samsung” will end its music streaming service called Milk as they are working in collaboration with some other source.

The complete reason is still unknown about Samsung Milk Music streaming service but as they said they are investing in some other source which will provide music streaming service. Milk music was free for Samsung device holders like S7 and Note 7 recently.

Users were capable of listening free music anytime and anywhere. Samsung music streaming service fought with competitors like Spotify and Pandora, source Android Headlines.

This streaming service was already stopped in Australia at the start of this year and many other countries are sure that this service will end up this year. Samsung did not identify the partner which will provide the music streaming service to its users worldwide.

Samsung Milk Music service provide users to sync their music across all Samsung devices so the user could avoid the same setup process over and over again, stated by PC Magazine. Although it was not useful for all the users especially for those who did not own multiple devices from Samsung. As Samsung devices are pricey overall.

Premium package from Milk Music costs only 4$ per month and this paid feature enables the user to skip unlimited tracks and offline listening like Spotify premium service. As u know Spotify has no device preferences that’s why many users go for Spotify over Samsung Milk Music.

This service does not allow consumers to directly buy music tracks which are done by iTunes for iOS in the same manner. Milk Music does not have a feature to share playlists with their friends and community which Spotify can do with ease by integrating social media account.

Users will only be able to user Milk Music service until September 22nd because after that the company will officially close down this service. Users can switch to Pandora, Spotify, and Sound Cloud for their music streaming needs.

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