Microsoft Windows 10 Mobile Anniversary Update
Microsoft Windows 10 Mobile Anniversary Update

Microsoft Windows 10 Mobile Anniversary Update

Everything you have read about the Windows 10 Anniversary Update will flow to Windows 10 Mobile as Windows 10 is now one well-known platform.

Yet don’t expect telcos to release the Anniversary Update from 9 August for unlocked devices in next couple of weeks.

When it comes to an enterprise operating system, Windows 10 Mobile officially offers three Lumia models; 950, XL and 650while the HP Elite x3 is expected to come in September along with other brands that are gradually coming to the market.Many of the older Windows 8.x Phone handsets particularly from Lumia 430 upwards with reduced functionality needs support, which is also met by this operating system where it mainly includes the features like Continuum dock and Windows Hello.

Several Modifications and Added Features are as follows

Tiles versus icons appear as the biggest difference between Windows 10 Mobile and iOS or Android.The basic thing that you will do is to typically hold single home page 15 full-sized tiles or up to 45 quarter-sized ones. It must all be very logical and neat when you swipe left for the app list accessing new action center by swiping down.

  • It has beefed up Cortanathathas the ability to perform basic functions from the lock screen. But essentially, it has access to Office 365 as well, whether the phone is off or on can get across a wider range of data.
  • A Shutter Button on the Lock Screen.
  • The Edge Browser has recently acquired 100% touch optimised as well as swipes together with the use of phone’s soft control buttons.The settings have expanded extensively.Now, there is USB Ethernet support on Continuum.Up to 16 apps running in the background.
  • The performance of the battery has also been increased via tighter background app management including choosing on a per app basis. In favour of using different user profiles, Kids’ corner has been removed but some of the features FM radio is added to improve cross-device compatibility. The well-known app, Skype app has recently received major treatment as a Universal App, having the compatibility to incorporate “Messaging Everywhere.” Other features like Fingerprint reader has also been supported on device and external keyboards.Windows Hello compatible devices will have enhanced login to websites.

Now, let’s take a note of comment and updates

As from iTWire Review, one commented that he has been using the Windows Insider version as close to release as possible on a Lumia 950XL that seems a little faster and slicker. Regarding Continuum, he said it is quite good to start with which seems more polished too, but refused to help as a corporate user on such OS and the hardware it runs on. Nevertheless, accepted the use of an Android 6.x handset when needed consumer apps as his family member have an iPhone 6S Plus through which he could have all the information and updates about mobile.

As per some suggestion by expertise with regard to writing Windows 10 Mobile off, he justified some points.

At first, Windows being one platform makes it comfortable for cross-compiling to run on ARM-based mobile processors, and due to its cost-effectiveness on development, W10M would not go away.

The second point is that without exception system administrators,its out-of-the-box security like a sandbox, VPN,One Platform manageability and Continuum features are praised, which are compelling reasons for its adaptation at the corporate level.

Continuum via its hardware support for virtualised and remote access systems has also got a surprising boost. It is found surprisingly well with Citrix Web Access,TeamViewer, and other remote apps that offer a full remote Windows experience along with replacement of the touch screen use in place of a mouse.The market has been addressed by it,for a good, lower cost and thin-client.

At corporate level currently, the lack of millions of iOS or Android apps simply has not been an issue but in fact, any security issues would be due to the more tightly controlled environment.

After Ballmer’s famous “US$7.2 billion blunder”, the new guard time was required to get Microsoft’s involvement in mobile right. With the huge corporates the top, those running Windows, Office, using Azure were found happy with that sort of ecosystem. Though being frequently aware of deals where thousands of W10M phones are issued to staff, Microsoft win heartening at a demonstration of Continuum, yet it’s the total cost of ownership, lower data costs, and more manageability has been“win-over” by those who are hardheaded.

Winning enterprise sales mainly from Android, its system administrators have long been considered easier to roll out corporate phones on one platform as Android is fragmented due to vulnerable security issues that increasing remote management workloads.

Apps are expected to come but corporate apps seem fastest because they realise the appeal of one universal app i.eDropbox across all devices. More significant than that is the relative ease of converting existing software to Universal apps and running an enterprise app store irrespective of virus and malware existence.

According to a recent VisionMobile survey, W10M now has a 34% mindshare with developers, particularly enterprises, against 52% for iOS and 79% for Android who are consumer mostly.

Consumer apps likeUber, Starbucks, Netflix, Hulu, Pandora, Shazam, iHeartRadio, Spotify, Crunchyroll, Expedia, Facebook, Dropbox, GoPro, FitBit, Box, and thousands more are on the way to come. However, sales have been taking place since 11 different Lumia 8.x Phone devices last year has three W10M handsets where current year’s sales numbers are comparable. It is enough to say that on particularly three models Microsoft has sold a respectable 13.8 million units in its first W10M year.

Many millions of HP are desired to sell Elite x3 Windows 10 Mobile which includes a Continuum dock, or a Notebook dock, and has later technology than the 950/XL. The pre-orders are expected to start on 5 September.

According to AdDuplex, W10M currently has 11.9% of Windows “Phone” volumes against the rest of older hardware users. When it comes to timely grabbing, the interesting thing would be seeing what those users will opt.

The A$679 Lumia 950 is now the leader by sales volume followed by the $299 for 650 and $849 for 950 XL. Interestingly, the 950 XL is the phone which is followed by Windows enthusiasts probably because of a long time boasted complimentary Continuum Dock.

The consumers are still enthusiasts of Android with special iOS. However, it has been realized by Microsoft to quickly expand influence through Apps.

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