Microsoft Updates: The Windows 10 Anniversary Update Launched
Microsoft Updates: The Windows 10 Anniversary Update Launched

Microsoft Updates: The Windows 10 Anniversary Update Launched

Now finally, Microsoft has launched the Windows 10 Anniversary Update for both PCs and smartphones. This is the first massive package in improvements-line that Microsoft has been delivering since the debut of the new operating system, while this update is the second to the one that was introduced last year.

You might come across Redstone 1, nonetheless, a renowned name for Anniversary Update or it is also known as the first wave of Redstone, the second release of which will take place in the first quarter of 2017. Microsoft is currently not just focused on mobile devices but also projecting to introduce more improvements to Windows 10.


The foremost among the features, there is entirely a new feature namely, “Windows Ink,” that allows users to use Windows 10 devices as easy as these of a piece of paper.

Those who have been inspired from Microsoft,their obsession with the Surface Pen might be in your knowledge which is the essential accessory that comes with every Surface tablet or laptop.Now, with this latest update, Microsoft seems to push this awesome feature from hardware to software in order to deliver a dedicated solution for users to have sticky notes on the desktop, draw on a whiteboard, and share content simply from their desktop.


Major apps like Maps, Edge browser and Office have quite earlier been updated to provide support for Windows Ink so that one can work smoothly uses a pen in the creation of documents or browsing the web.


In the Anniversary Update, the Start menu has also received an updated design and now it is there with a hamburger icon that can give you access to your account settings, power controls, settings and File Explorer. Microsoft is intended to put them on a priority basis because the new Start menu is all about apps. Now, you can find the “All apps” view right at the center of the new design.

With an evolved operating system where other micro applications are more consistent with several devices, the store has been renovated with the extent to make a better sense with app details that are comparatively represented in a more effective way.


There is something more happening with the Anniversary Update, in the implementation of several apps, you will find a dark theme besides Clock, Calculator, and Settings. And if you are expecting to see the dark visual style expanded to the entire operating system, so you can.


Similarly, the personal assistant, Cortana, will also get a significant update with the debut of the new version.It almost directly works on the lock screen and even performs lots of tasks even not letting the device being locked. In addition, Cortana is also worked for synced notifications,between mobile phones and PCs,but on the condition, that the same Microsoft account is being used on the Android phone and the Windows 10 PC.


Windows 10 default browser, the Microsoft Edge is being renovated with many small touches and support for extensions. There are several other popular extensions available in the store which can be downloaded quite easily like other regular apps. In addition, other small utilities along with ad blockers, password managers have already been added as part and parcel to the Edge.

By using the operating system, you will find tons of minor updates as well, that OS includes new icons, better performance, and app updates that might contribute significantly in experiencing Windows 10.


You certainly be thinking about the access to download areas. Basically, there are two ways to download the Windows 10 Anniversary Update, and the easiest one is clearly through Windows Update.

You don’t need to apply anything because this method performs everything automatically from downloading the necessary files to the system reboot, it starts the installation process and performs all the required steps to complete the process. At completion, your personal files are left untouched when you are brought back to the desktop.


The release will take place in stages. You need to apply the second method for downloading the dedicated ISO file in either performing an update or clean-installing the Windows 10 Anniversary Update.The Windows Media Creation Tool is responsible for shipping the new IOSs. This tool can be applied to create a bootable USB drive or disc to complete the process. Don’t be confused with and simply follow the wizard in the Media Creation Tool, you will do it well.


Now, at the availability of Windows 10 Anniversary Update, next ahead is the task of beginning work on other updates, the second wave of the Redstone update which is expected to come in spring next year.

According to the updates that are coming, Microsoft shipping preview builds are expected to start in August and the first releases will surely prove a big turnout.Right now, the Windows team is just busy in compiling the first ones to pave the way for future improvements.

Until 2017, no other major updates are anticipated to release, but Microsoft will regularly provide successive updates and security patches every month in helping to keep the Windows 10 devices boosted and protected against many latest viral threats. But one should look forward to Redstone 2 as long as the arrivals of new features are awaited.

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