Microsoft Updates: Surface 3 support will be added by Linux Kernel 4.8
Microsoft Updates: Surface 3 support will be added by Linux Kernel 4.8

Microsoft Surface 3 support will be added by Linux Kernel 4.8

Windows user, who wants a really great computer, should consider Microsoft’s Surface line first. They can not only serve it as a wonderful tablet but with the keyboard attachment, it can be the best laptop as well.

However, many Microsoft users will indeed be envious of Windows hardware. While Linux distros are possible to run on some Surface tablets on which flawlessness is not exempted too. Recently,release candidate 1 of Linux Kernel 4.8 is just announced, and it appears that an interesting driver has been added specifically, including the Surface 3 touchscreen controller.

As Linux creator,Linus Torvalds says“This seems to be building up to be one of the bigger releases lately, but let’s see how it all ends up. The merge window has been fairly normal, although the patch itself looks somewhat unusual: over 20 percent of the patch is documentation updates, due to the conversion of the DRM and media documentation from docbook to the Sphinx doc format. There are other doc updates, but that’s the big bulk of it”.

He further added that if the documentation format change is ignored, things will look fairly regular with about 60 percent of the non-documentation diffs drivers like gpu, networking, media, sound, etc, and about 15 percent being arch updates such as arm, power PC, and x86 dominate, there’re mips and s390 too. The rest is spread out – core networking, tooling mainly perf, include files, core kernel, vfs and low-level filesystems like xfs stands out.

While many significant changes in the kernel are noted,in which the interesting one is about the Surface 3 as something regarding this recently came from Dmitry Torokhov.

As he wrote in earlier mailing list are the following.

Hi Linus,

Please pull from: git:// for-linus
to receive updates for the input subsystem.

You will get the following new drivers promised in the last merge window:

  • driver for touchscreen controller found in Surface 3
  • driver for Pegasus Notetaker tablet
  • driver for Atmel Captouch Buttons
  • driver for Raydium I2C touchscreen controllers
  • powerkey driver for HISI 65xx SoC

There you go, a driver for the Surface 3 touchscreen controller would get its way to the final release of the 4.8 Linux kernel. The less powerful but lower-priced Surface 3 might run Linux very well. Moreover, a Linux-based OS might give good performance on the Atom processor than Windows 10.

Surface 3 will become very attractive device but with official touchscreen support, and that might be the reason for both Linux users as well as developers to likely experience this quality touch support.

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