MacBook Pro 2016 will Enhance User Experience; News and Update
MacBook Pro 2016 will Enhance User Experience; News and Update

MacBook Pro 2016 will Enhance User Experience; News and Update

Fans of Apple are eagerly waiting for the launch of awaited MacBook Pro and Air 2016.Initially, these two laptops were expected to be launched in March, but the wind of event changed everything and no news was made about the MacBook. Then, it also rumoured that MacBook Pro and Air will be announced at WWDC this year, but that news too went away the same way. Nevertheless, many reports stated that MacBook Pro 2016 will be launched with several enhancements, while the fans still remain hopeful for the launch of new MacBook Pro model in 2016.

According to reports, the Apple’s recent WWDC event didn’t successfully impress both,the Apple fans and tech enthusiasts. Only software enhancement was revealed but the company did not bring out any hardware enhancement. Nevertheless, hard work is reportedly being persisted by the team on the improvement of overall user experience. It was also indicated by the rumour that users could access their favorite apps and controls easily once MacBook Pro will step up to introduce an OLED bar above its keyboard that will come equipped with touch screen feature.

Fans are hopeful that the device will be launched this year even though the MacBook Pro and Air models were not announced at Apple’s two major events.The new Pro model is said to be featured with a retina display and SkyLake Processor.

Apple stores will do away with their 13-inch non-retina MacBook Pro models from their stores. The looks of it show that the company might be preparing the way for their upcoming MacBook Pro 2016 with Retina display, Apple Insider reported.

Rumors are still making rounds about MacBook Air that will launch earlier than MacBook Pro, though MacBook Air models are non-Retina display variants, and rumors pointed that Air may also have a retina display. Now, the company is phasing out non-Retina laptops.

Last but not the least, the company is expected to launch MacBook Air and Pro by the end of this year. Despite Apple official announcement for the launch date, the fans are hoping that it will be sometime this year.

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