MacBook Pro (2016) Might lack Intel’s Kaby Lake Processors
MacBook Pro (2016) Might lack Intel’s Kaby Lake Processors

MacBook Pro (2016) Might lack Intel’s Kaby Lake Processors

By the factual view with respect to Intel’s refresh of their Core processors, it has been considered that this year’s MacBook Pro refresh could pack the company’s latest Kaby Lake processors which the company recently rolled out during IDF.

Nevertheless, a great chance is there that the latest processors from Intel will not be packed as has been assumed that the MacBook Pro is refreshed this year.

But what came from MacRumors is that this is because Intel typically launches the low-power 4.5W Y-series chips and 15W U-series chips first, which leads to the idea that these are not for the MacBook Pro indeed. Instead following the old Intel roadmap, the Kaby Lake processors are more suited for the MacBook Pro, iMac, and Mac mini which will not be launched before 2016.

All this indicates that if anyone is anticipating that this year’s overhauled MacBook Pro would be packing the latest processors, he or she will face disappointment. Yet this should be taken into account that the laptop will be underpowered, and if one is thinking the other way around about future proof laptop for the next few years, then the most needed thing is to wait with patience.

But in fact, no one is sure when the MacBook Pros will be refreshed again with the Kaby Lake processors, so the dependency will still be in the badly need a new laptop.

Possibly, Apple could cause a delay on the refresh till the availability of the Kaby Lake processors, however, chances are rare. One should temper his expectations before how this plays out.

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