Google Photos Users Should Remove Photos from Backup
Google Photos Users Should Remove Photos from Backup

Google Photos: Users Should Remove Photos from Backup

According to the latest updates,Google’s Photos application has constantly been under work for improvement because Google felt the need to provide users with everything they desire in order to properly manage their images. As per latest update, Google allows users to remove images from their cloud and local accounts faster. For that reason, Google Photos suggests users remove pictures from their cloud accounts, upon removing images from their local phone as well.

According to Android Police, the new feature being a part of the version 1.23 update of the application allows users to syn deleted photos. This feature can help users to manage images under their accounts easier as the application suggests users to delete images from their cloud account too.

However, the sole advantage of this new feature is that users may not need to clog their online account with unneeded images. Consequently, this would also mean that users will be able to efficiently organize images on their local and cloud account.

Here it’s not enough to Google Photos,recently, the company also added the feature for users to view slideshows inside the application. Now, the previous Google Photos version,offering more features to its users because it came with filters and editing tools from Snapseed. Google Photos celebrated its one-year anniversary last month, while the application offered free unlimited storage for Nexus devices.

Last but not the least, the most popular applications for managing and storing images is still Google Photos. On the platform, the service has over 200 million users and stores 13.7 petabytes of photos.

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