Google gradual discontinuance of Chrome’s apps
Google gradual discontinuance of Chrome’s apps

Google gradual discontinuance of Chrome’s apps

Approximately 3 years ago, Chrome apps were launched by Google with the intention to bridge the gap between the web and certain imminent and efficient experiences like working offline, sending notifications and connecting to hardware.

Google, nevertheless, consider the time for attention to be taken away from the Chrome app platform as it evolved. The support for packaged and hosted apps from Chrome on Windows, Mac and Linux are planned to be removed over the next two years.

It is quite questionable that additional enhancements to the Chrome apps platform will apply only to Chrome OS devices, as all types of Chrome apps will be supported and maintained on Chrome OS.

Chrome apps on Windows, Mac and Linux will no longer be shown on the Chrome Web Store from the mid of 2017, but extensions and themes are expected to be surfaced continuously.

From a posted on the Blog:

“On Windows, Mac, and Linux, we encourage developers to migrate their Chrome apps to the web. Developers who can’t fully move their apps to the web can help us prioritize new APIs to fill the gaps left by Chrome apps. In the short term, they can also consider using a Chrome extension or platforms such as Electron orNW.js,” this is what their Blog have stated.

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