Get a Microsoft Lumia 950 for only $298,98 from AT and T
Get a Microsoft Lumia 950 for only $298,98 from AT and T

Get a Microsoft Lumia 950 for only $298,98 from AT&T

If you were waiting for Windows Phone 10 to get an entrance chance at your pretty smartphone just at the cost of $300 with SIM-free/unlocked, so now, “the wait is over! ” get a Microsoft’sawesomeLumia 950 from AT&T at $298,98. Truth shouldn’t be covered with a dust of lies, even if this baby is last year’s flagship.With the outstanding price offer this smartphone, you can save lots of your money for something new that is on the way to arrive. Now, it’s your turn, grab it now!

When it comes to “the matter of luck”, nothing comes even close to the Lumia 950 at the price tag it has; however, there is no need to ask more questions because unforgettably this is the price contract free. If you’re reluctant to spend $300, then choose an installment plan and pay for the Windows Phone 10 running beast in 30 monthly payments of ten bucks completing the $298, 98 figures.

But, must have an idea about what are dealing with,it is only the Microsoft Lumia 950 having availability in black and white colorways, one of which presumably goes your favour despite the fact that it doesn’t feature like the latest hardware.

Smartphone’s Awesome Features

  • The display is a fabulous 5.2 inches wide AMOLED variety with Clear Black technology and WQHD resolution of 1440 x 2560.
  • The smartphone runs on a Qualcomm Snapdragon 808 chipset, architecture with the CPUs clocked at 1.8 GHz, together with an Adreno 418 GPU.
  • It has 3GB of RAM that boosts the performance.
  • It packs in 32 GB of storage which is expandable to 200 GB via Micro SD.
  • The camera is a 20 megapixels unit along with an aperture of f/1.9 as well as optical image stabilization.Not to forget to mention the PureView technology! Carl Zeiss optics as one of the best on the market, certainly is the best, isn’t?
  • An interesting and unique feature of the Lumia 950 is the Continuum support that transforms your smartphone into a PC. But, the question how can we do this? It’s simple; just connect a keyboard, a screen, and a mouse via the Display Dock.
  • We are always optimistic, so must you, to get all your required features in buying an awesome smartphone, Microsoft Lumia 950. Keep in mind, “Time waits for none! ” so, grab it, use it and even smile with it!

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