Apple Next Watch with Micro-LED display !
Apple Next Watch with Micro-LED display !

Apple Next Watch with Micro-LED display

According to a report from Cupertino-headquartered Electronics Company, Apple could start using Micro-LED displays for its next iteration of the Apple Watch. As per the report, it was shown thatApple is working on switching from LCD displays to Micro-LED displays for the next version of the smart wear, while another report has exposed that the company in order to manufacture its Oled displays for its next iPhone has decided to seek the collaboration of a third company.

When compared to LCD, there are some advantages to using a Micro-LED display as it is loaded with brightness levels and better colour gamuts. Notably, the displays use a lesser battery that will increase battery life on the watch while it will not require backlighting because the displays are thinner in nature.

It is very interesting that Apple in 2014 had acquired LuxVue Technology – a company that specialised in Micro-LED displays which may now bring the acquisition expenditure for use.

In addition, a new display for iPhones is current on work by the company, while a new display with an integrated GPU is also under process from Apple. The display is said to sport a 5K (5120×2880 pixels) resolution and is expected to be called the ‘Apple 5K Display’, claimed in a report by John Paczkowski from BuzzFeed.

Nevertheless, expecting big design changes from Apple for its next iPhone will be unfair as it is speculated that it is delaying, in other words, holding itself back for the 10th-anniversary edition of iPhone 7. To more of our interest, the new smartphone is expected to come in three variants with dual camera and 3GB RAM, which is greatly expected to see daylight in September, 2016.

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