Apple Is Hurting Its Users with Old Tech; Microsoft Executive
Apple Is Hurting Its Users with Old Tech; Microsoft Executive

Apple Is Hurting Its Users with Old Tech; Microsoft Executive

In today’s technology industry,the two companies, Microsoft and Apple are going head to head to strongly compete in several businesses around the world which include software, hardware as well as services.

The competition between the two has so many times turned into a situation that enhances their fans excitement.Most of the competition made during press conferences when either Microsoft or Apple was about to introduce new products.

Nevertheless, Brian Hall, who is the general manager of the Surface line at Microsoft, went on Twitter to criticize Apple for its recent innovation-investments.

As Brian Hall tweeted, “I compete with Apple and respect them. But they are doing their customers a disservice at times with old tech…,” which is obviously indicating Apple’sfavourfor stopping more investment in product research and new innovations release to the market.

According to Hall, Apple customers are those whose life is directly affected by Apple’s lack of innovation these days.On the other hand, in today’s competitive climate,Microsoft itself is suffering too much because the Cupertino rival is also losing ground.So, it can no longer prove a catalyst for other companies to develop and improve their products.

Not Just Regarding Computers

However, Hall excluded a point that it’s not all about computers –though this is the market it was clearly referring to. And more than four years back, the last major revision to the MacBook was launched, Apple is said to have been doing the same in phones too. Yet, this shows that Microsoft’s business will be exactly impacted on, as the Cupertino does have a problem in maintaining its products fresh and bringing them in a more developed condition.

The existing iPhone lineup and the 6s models by having similarities looks exactly the same as the standard 6, although they do bring certain hardware improvements. However, the bigger problem will be from the upcoming generation, iPhone 7 or also known as the 2016 iPhone, which will exactly have the same look with some improvements, nothing like that the market has already.

Similarly, Apple’s latest phone iPhone SE has exactly the same look as the iPhone 5 do, only difference may be of its features new parts which being attempted to move to those who still love 4-inch phones to latest generation hardware. Yet criticism goes on, for, Apple launching a product that looks exactly the same as a model released in 2012.The company once again facing a decline in innovation level which has been the core of every discussion.

Usually, Apple has currently remained completely tight-lipped but following these new accusations, it is determined to hear new remarks that will be made at the company’s upcoming iPhone unveiling expectedly,in September.

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