David Coulthard Apologises For Dropping Indian National Flag During The F1 Show

Formula One expert David Coulthard had competed in Red Bull F1 show organized in Hyderabad, on Sunday. David Coulthard got into a situation where he apologized for dropping the Indian tri-color flag. The flag fell near his feet when he was trying to place it inside the car that was supposed to drive him around to make him reach out to the crowd.

On finding the flag dropped on the ground, one of the crew members reached-out his helping hand and returned it back to David Coulthard. The veteran racer then waved to his fans and the crowd sitting on the window of the car, while the car was driven around at the end of the event.

David Coulthard, the former champion of numerous Grand Prix title shared his apologies when a photographer displayed the photographs of the dropped flag at the end of the event.

He claimed that, he was extremely sorry for dropping the flag. And, also conveyed the message that such traditions are not followed in his country. Therefore, he had no intention of disrespecting the country and also the flag.

David also expected the nation to understand that his actions were guided according to the rules and regulations of his country, which is basically normal for him. He also surrendered the fact that he is not aware of the rules and regulations of each and every country, thereby requesting all to accept his apologies.

A spokesperson commented on behalf of the 13-time Grand Prix winner saying, that his actions were unintentional. Prior to that while participating in the Red Bull F1 show, having the Hussain Sagar as the epochal, David fascinated the crowd by reaching the speed limit more than 280 Kms per hour. He was cheered and applauded by the fans and the crowd every time he zoomed through the race track.

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