Media Invites for iPhone SE Launch: Apple to Unveil 4 inch device ?


Apple has sent out media for a product launch scheduled for March 21, only a day before the business squares off with US national authorities above their demand.
The technology community broadly expects the firm to release its first small-display iPhone since 2013, in the March 21 launching, together with a smaller variation of the iPad Pro.

The rumoured little-display iPhone is apparently named iPhone SE, which is thought to stand for Special Edition, and feature a 4-inch display. It will support attributes such as Live Photos and Apple Pay but not 3D Touch, that will stay exclusive to 6S Plus and iPhone 6S for now.

KGI Securities analyzer Ming-Chi Kuo, broadly considered the most precise research worker on Apple, formerly said in a note that iPhone SE will likely be priced at $450. Apple now sells the 2.5-year old iPhone 5S at that price point. He also says the cost of iPhone 5S will be cut in half following the start of iPhone SE.

With iPhone sales beginning to plateau, analysts say Apple could trigger added demand by offering an upgraded 4-inch iPhone alongside the larger versions. The smaller iPhone’s is also anticipated to appeal to people who never bought into the bigger displays of the smartphones the company has established in the last two years.

Likewise, Apple has been striving to improve sagging iPad sales by offering versions and more sizes.

National authorities need the help of Apple in overriding security attributes on an iPhone used by one of the San Bernardino mass shots, so the FBI can make an effort to analyze the mobile. Apple CEO Tim Cook claims the demand of the government would make other iPhones exposed. Both sides will make their claim to a federal magistrate in Riverside on March 22.

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