Little Songbird’s Arduous Migration Nears a Complete End



April 2, 2015

A little bird, popularly known as blackpoll warbler ,truly accomplishes a big feat. Scientists documented how the small little bird which weighs only 12 grams actually completes a constant flight over the world’s second largest Atlantic Ocean from the eastern zone of Canada to the Caribbean islands. When the researchers placed the backpacks with the geolocators, they determined that blackpolls flew 1,600 miles that covers 2,540 km in two or three days.

The blackpoll warbler with 8 inch wingspans has yellow legs and is speckled with white, black and gray feathers with a white chin and cheeks and a black cap at the top of the head.  An ecologist, Ryan Norris of the University of Guelph said “No other bird this size migrates for this long in one go. It is truly one of the most amazing migratory feats ever recorded. It can be described as “a fly-or-die journey.” The little bird landed in Hispaniola and Puerto Rico and rests for a few days or weeks before they migrate to Venezuela and Colombia. The famous ecologist Bill DeLuca of the University of Massachusetts described migration as “on the brink of impossibility.” During the spring season, the return route of the blackpoll warbler flight mainly follows a route through the state Florida to the East Coast of United States.

Researchers resolve a mystery about the migration of blackpoll warbler. There has been an indirect clue that these birds were performing the transoceanic migration; for instance, blackpolls were found landing on the ships in Atlantic under adverse weather conditions. According to ornithologist Chris Rimmer “Some     that such a herculean flight would be physiologically and physically possible for a tiny songbird weighing one-half ounce,” The ocean birds gulls and albatrosses make oceanic flights and the tiny little songbirds cross the Mexican Gulf, though it’s not too far. Most of the migratory birds spend their winters mainly in the continent of South America. They fly for a safer route through the country Mexico to Central America.

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