GTA 6 Release Date, Features and Rumors: What Fans Want?

Rockstar’s GTA series is a household name as it pertains to the gaming world.The gaming set is among the most popular offense, action- adventure, role playing and world games that are open.Grand Theft Auto 5th version is doing nicely; however, GTA enthusiasts are already expecting GTA 6. Since GTA 5 was released, GTA 6 is in the news with diehard fans already discussing their characteristic GTA 6 wishlist and changes.


A woman character

On average, a woman protagonist leads the rumored version wishlist. The video game buffs would love to visit a beautiful girl that is hot as the key character in another edition and of course accompanied with a male character. Gosling is a well-known performer having featured in the TV series, “Young Hercules”, “The Ides of March” and “The Notebook”.

Female protagonist in GTA V didn’t feel natural according to GTA series tittles co author, Dan Houser. Rockstar team constantly thinks of the idea but haven’t found a game that was right to execute, he included.

Humongous Map

6 location has additionally been rumored a lot. The brand new version will be placed in a American city, though; the exact place continues to be a riddle to be unraveled. Based on rumors, the forthcoming edition will have a brand new map that may inculcate the whole US including all major cities and will be a product of the previous maps. Most of the devotees also want a recovery of the scene of 1970.

Users will be thrilled to investigate new cities with more adventure. Addition of more professionals like the president of the US or some political leader, customization of the primary character, more missions, house changes, more realism, change of vehicles and more trendy clothing are one of the other several changes GTA users would love to see in the following variant of the sport.

Release date forecast around 2018-2020

Contrary to expectations, Rockstar has not come out to clear the air on when to expect the release. The ever growing GTA fan base anticipates a release with enhanced game components and graphics. Speaking at a press conference, Rockstar North president Leslie Benzies gave a hint but didn’t touch anything to do with release date. However, to give the popular game enthusiasts some glimmer, tech analysts have analyzed Rockstar release strategy. Rockstar has kept a period of 5-8years between its releases since 1997 when GTA was released to the present edition.

Rockstar Games has, nonetheless, not released any official information on the same. It is also rumored the release may delay Leslie, following former President’s, departure.

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