Google Android N Launched: Top Features and Specs

Android N has been released, albeit in a somewhat low key way, unlike its earlier variants which were released in May amid much fanfare in the Google I/O each year. The company was quoted as saying, “By releasing a ‘work in progress’ package we’ve got additional time to include programmer comments. In addition, the earlier preview enables us to give the final N launch to Android manufacturers off this summer, to allow them to get their hands on the most up-to-date variant of Android before than ever. We are looking forward to having your comments as you get your programs prepared for N.”


This first preview release is for programmers only and not meant for consumers or daily use and could be downloaded on the Nexus 6, Nexus 5 of Google Nexus Player X, Nexus 6P, Nexus 9 and Pixel C apparatus.Here’s a look in the brand new, advanced features and characteristics that Android N has in offer:

Multiwindow support:

The very first large attribute is a multi window support, which empowers two programs to open on the display simultaneously. On Android N running, two programs can run side by side or one-above-the-another. Also, the programs can be resized by users by dragging the divider between them. On Android TV apparatus, programs can place themselves in picture in picture way, letting them continue demonstrating content while the user browses or socializes with other programs.

There’s the choice to configure the multi window screen. For instance, you can pin down the minimum allowable measurements of your choice, so the task is never resized below that size. You can also disable multiwindow display for your program, which helps to ensure the system is only going to reveal your program in full screen mode.

Improved Notifications

Android N has redesigned notifications to make them quicker and simpler to make use of.For example, now the Android system will support direct response to help users immediately react to an SMS or text message within the notification bar interface. Users also have the ability to bundle notifications collectively.

Battery Savings with Doze

In Android N, Doze conserves battery while on the go .This means users can save battery when taking their device in their pockets.

Enhanced Number blocking

Android N supports blocking in the platform and offers a framework API to let service providers keep a blocked-number list. Additionally, numbers are additionally blocked on texts.Blocked numbers persist throughout Backup & Restore and across resets. Besides the exact same blocked numbers list can be used by multiple programs.

Call screening

In Android N,incoming calls can be screened and a number of actions can be performed such as reject the incoming call, do not allow the call to the call log and even not show the user a notification for the call.

More Languages and Locale

Android N lets users choose multiple locales in Settings, to support bilingual use cases. Along with this, Android N also enlarges the selection of languages accessible to users. It gives more than 25 forms each for commonly used languages including English, Spanish, French, and Arabic.

As for the name for the Android N variation of Google, it might be anything from Nuts to Nutella. Keep guessing.

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