Cyanogen and BLU to Launch Android Phone without Any Google Services

Several times the scintillating news of Cyanogen wanting to take away Android away from Google is in the news. And, Cyanogen has been serious throughout. The company has recently announced the launch of a smartphone in collaboration with BLU. Interestingly, the phone will feature none of the services that Google provides.

CEO of Cyanogen, Kirt McMaster is trying aggressive stands towards Google will definitely take CyanogenMod to all new heights this year. While talking about the partnership of Cyanogen and BLU, CEO of BLU, Samuel Ohev-Zion mentioned that the new smartphone that is due launch this year will preload the Appstore for Android. The uses will be able to download the apps from that store instead of using the Google Play. The phone will have Opera as a browser instead of Chrome that is there in Android devices. A few of the apps that will be preloaded on the BLU made smartphone that will be marketed by Cyanogen are Here maps by Nokia, Spotify music app, OneDrive and Dropbox for cloud storage and sharing. Samuel also mentioned that the phone may contain Microsoft’s Cortana. It might replace the likes of Google’s voice search, and Bing may take the place of Google search. Zion further added, “When these other apps are deeply integrated into the phone, most of the time they perform better than the Google apps.” However, he said that all the plans have yet not being finalized.”

To people who know less about BLU, it is an American mobile development company. It has the credit of launching a couple of mid-range phones with Android OS. The phones by BLU are available with some of the big retailers like Best Buy. There are reports that Microsoft is in talks with Cyanogen for preloading a suite of its applications on the OS of the new smartphone.

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