Apple iPhone 5SE (4 inch) Launch Date Unveiled with Specifications

Various rumors, speculations and even prototypes have been quite aplenty over the past month or so, indicating the fact that Apple is going to bring in a successor to its dead and barren 4 inch iPhone category.While some websites are claiming that it would be a successor to the iPhone 5S and might be named as iPhone 5SE, nothing has been confirmed so far.Adding to the list is yet another rumor that the new iPhone , whatever it is called, would now be released on 21 March along with a new smaller iPad Pro.

The new iPhone might pack Apple’s latest A9 Chip

In our previous post we covered the rumor that the new iPhone might pack the latest chip from Apple, which is the A9 chip.Now, according to some of the trusted sources, this new iPhone is also expected to come equipped with Apple Pay, although the inclusion of 3D touch is very unlikely.

Given the fact that most of the functionality and performance of the device would be similar to the current gen iPhone 6S, would it make sense to go with a smaller 4 inch device, which anyway would be costing pretty close to the 6S itself?

Some might argue with the fact that the 4 inch segment is still not completely dead and they would prefer a smaller iPhone with not so small power packed internals.But the fact is ,this iPhone, if placed closer to the pricing levels of iPhone 6S might ultimately cannibalize the sale of it to some extent if not completely.


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