Two Indian Warships Sent To Yemen to Bring Back Stranded Indians

India has recently sent its two warships to the strife-stricken country of Yemen. The ships have been sent to evacuate Indians from the country in war. The ships will also provide ‘anti-piracy escort services’. The warships will act as anti-piracy escorts to the ships sent to Djibouti Port. Earlier ships were sent to Djibouti Port to bring back Indians stranded there. The news about the sending of warships has been confirmed on this Tuesday by P Murugesan, vice chief of the Navy. He was briefing details of the plan for evacuation. He further confirmed that evacuation is being carried out through both air and sea routes.

Murugesan told the reporters, “Several agencies like Indian Navy, Indian Air Force, Air India are going to participate in this operation.” Indian Navy has already dispatched the warships as planned to the targeted locations. INS Mumbai, the destroyer, and INS Tarkash, the stealth frigate and two more passenger ships have been sent to evacuate the Indians and to bring them back to safety. Murugesan told, “The Indian naval ships will go and evacuate the persons as well as provide anti-piracy escort duties to the various assets deployed for the operation.” He further concluded that both the warships will bring people back safely.

The INS Mumbai has a total crew number of around 350 and INS Mumbai has around 250 crew members. Murugesan has confirmed that all types of facilities will be provided to the Indians stranded in the problem-stricken areas.

Meanwhile when the naval chief was asked about the crash of the naval maritime surveillance aircraft that claimed two lives, he said that it was a live combat mission training at Dornier. “It was a pitch dark night, just one or two days after the new moon and it was a training exercises on the possible war scenarios. While training in challenging situations, we are after all human beings, certain… the machinery also may fail”, said Murugesan.

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