Let Delhi Be Renamed As Imperial City of Delhi – Proposed the Modi Government

The Modi Government is in a haste to bring about a change in the historical name of the present capital of India, Delhi. The citizens of the nation see no pressing reason for the Government to bring the change.

It is also being said that there are going to be basically two names, one for New Delhi (dwelling place to senior civil servants, ministers and diplomats), and the other for Old Delhi, home to all Delhites.

If the thoughts are put to action, then Old Delhi will be renamed to be “Imperial City of Shahjehnabad”, and New Delhi will also renamed as “Imperial City of Delhi”.

Apart from Delhi there are also other cities all over India that were in the endangered list of changed names. The cities with new names are, Chennai, Bengaluru, , Mumbai, Pune, and they had good reasons to back them up. But, Delhi falls into a separate league altogether.

The Central Government believes that the existing name is not attractive enough to draw the attention of Western tourists. By adding “Imperial”, they believe, that it will be the icing on the cake.

Reputed bureaucrats also believe that this move will be strong enough to convince and persuade UNESCO to grant the capital the prestige that of a heritage city, which will help to expand foreign tourism.

The Hindu found authoritative sources claiming that, the idea has been proposed in order to acquire the ‘heritage badge’ from UNESCO.

The complication lies with UNESCO having strict guidelines, to determine if a city can be certified with a heritage tag. But, changing the name of the city is not within the guidelines. Rome and Havana earned the title of World Heritage cities without having to change the name. These above mentioned cities had passed because they have cleared the ten guidelines set by UNESCO for the title of Heritage cities.


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