It’s going to Be Tough for Iran in Nuclear Talks

Negotiations are going to be “tough and serious”, said a senior official of the US in the context of talks of Iran’s nuclear program with the six world powers. The upcoming days will find out whether Tehran will make the necessary decisions, though tough.

President of Iran, Hassan Rouhani reached out to the leaders of the six major powers of the world on Thursday. Rouhani is optimistic of the talks. A senior official of the State Department confirmed that it is a good and hopeful sign on the part of Iran that the country is ready to make some toughest decisions. The official further confirmed that just before a March deadline for a framework agreement, foreign ministers of the six countries will join for talks in Lausanne, Switzerland. The six countries include USA, Russia, France, Germany, Britain, and China. The six powers and Iran are striving for  an accord of political framework by the end of March, which will mean full settlement by the end of June this year.

“The difficulty is that the Iranians are not moving enough. They like to negotiate right up to the precipice and they’re very good at that,” confirmed a diplomat involved in the talks by the countries.

As per the final accord, Tehran will stop sensitive nuclear work for a decade at least. In exchange, US sanctions on the country like international financial and oil would be lifted. This on one hand will reduce the risk of war in the Middle Eastern countries, on the other it would end Iran’s more than a decade long nuclear standoff.

Easing of US sanction will include “gestures” like removal of travel ban on individuals or entities and asset-freeze blacklist. According to diplomats, the country needs to move a bit further to allow making of deals in future.

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